New in Town

Hey guys, long time listener, first time caller.

I’m new to fighting games (Mortal Kombat 9 being the first I took seriously) and recently started playing SSF4 AE. I am finding it a tough transition (I have no idea how to combo yet) and was wondering if you guys had any newbie tips.

I looked around for a Gouken combo thread and didn’t find anything, but maybe I’m looking with my eyes close.

I realized these are 2 completely different games and I will have to adjust, but am willing to put in the work once I start understanding the game a little better. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Edit: BTW, who are the high tier characters?

Hi there, I always recommend [media=youtube]1_nS5Jj3pHY[/media] for a start.

As for combo’s it’s mainly practice practice practice.

2012 is considered one of the most well balanced versions so far,so I wouldn’t be too concerned about the highest tier. Except Dan, there is never a reason to shoot yourself in the foot by playing Dan seriously. Sure you can win with him. Sagat and Ryu tend to do the same and more.

Thanks I will check that link out. And don’t worry, I’m not a fan of Dan. Out of the entire cast, I’m looking at:

Evil Ryu
That fat dude?
Possibly more?

I’m looking forward to getting the hang of SF because of how balanced the game is (MK has a lot of counter picking). I’m also hoping to take aspects from both games to help my game over-all.

Counterpicking still exists, though I have no idea how bad it is in MK these days, but it can still be done. Only a few are nightmares though(from what I understand, Guile vs Bipson, Sagat vs Gief, Sethko vs anyone, Online Blanka vs Anyone, offline Blanka vs Grapplers)

Ryu: One of the most solid characters to pick up, he is one of my Alts for this(though strictly U2 Ryu, I love punishing mistakes). Watch the crosscounter Air DVD(also on youtube) While lots of stuff won’t be 100% in 2012 anymore, it’s more about understanding the nuances Air talks about. Actually it’s a mustwatch even if you don’t play Ryu imho. Downside is everyone knows Ryu in and out due to proliferation, so you’ll suffer a lot with inexperience here at first.
Evil Ryu: The more fun Ryu to play, I prefer alting ERyu, but only vs better players, Regular Ryu is much better at punishing people with bad online habits and also has more health to make guesses. Better mixup and setups and damage though, worse(but still decent) fireball, compensated by also having shakunetsu hadou.
Akuma: Strongest mixup in the game barring Seth(but that’s only cause seth has an SPD and a very invincible DP.) Vortex options are great at shutting down lots of characters and Super allows him a command grab when bar is full of butter. Low health and effing ton of options will take time to master and make winning at first hard, but eventual payoff is great.
Rufus or Honda?(both strong characters, but opposites in play style)
Gouken: Somewhat shooting yourself in the foot(in any edition that isn’t 2012), but has a lot in common with Akuma. Just not as solid and strong as he is, but rewards with incredible damage and better health.
Gen: Lots of fun, but incredibly technical to master his stance changes.

I recco playing all those characters for a day and figure out who drew you the most. Then stick to him for a long time, becoming as familiar as you can with never switching to anyone else until you got him down(Or are just not feeling it and want to maybe make a big switch). Switching characters all day can be very bad for your advancement, but if it does work for you, who am I to argue :slight_smile:

Also when watching a few of those tutorials I noticed he was in training mode with a combo listed in white in the top left corner and as he would hit the correct moves they would turn red and once finished it would say complete. Where do I find this or is it something he may have added to the video himself?

I feel like Gouken players out of all others should know better than to underrate Dan. If anything, T. Hawk should be in that spot. He has more matchups than anyone else that are legitimately 7-3

Anyways, the only things that can go wrong with ryu is that you won’t be able to feel your own progress for a while just because everyone else already knows the things you will try to pull off and most likely counter it properly. That and you may depend on DP too much.

Actually I have seen what good T Hawks can do, especially with the changes brought to him in 2012. He still has an incredible uphill fight vs Gouken for sure. While T hawk as a Large volume of 7-3’s against him, he also had a lot in his favour as well. I however, don’t know how much that might have changed in 2012. Dan however, has almost all of his old issues. he still however has an Invincible DP as well as a simple frametrap with a gap that makes him stronger vs opponents without DP’s to interrupt it, he still has horrible normals(but gained some new combo links iirc) and a general game plan that other characters are just so much better at than him. Sure he can win, but he’s got so many deficits it’s not even funny.

All in all, Good T Hawks make me play on edge to make sure nothing slips by. Good dans still just make me go Dawwww, thats adorable.

I’d never played a T.Hawk that was used properly until recently and I will say it’s not a bad match but if you dick around you’ll be ko’d before you know it.