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First I want to thank everyone for helping me over the last year bring Ascension X to light. Secondly I wanted to share our indiegogo page. Please show us some support as we work hard to bring Ascension X to completion.

latest gameplay footage

our latest screenshots


Camera is way too close if you’re going to have aerial combat like that imo, the video being like 20 fps probably isn’t helping. You also need more hitstop I think.


Thats the recording the game plays much faster. and working on making the camera more dynamic.


Agree on bothe counts. Camera definitely needs to be further out. And there barely seems to be any hitstop at all, which seems to be an issue with many of these fighters made on Unity.


yea been a bit of trial and error on our part. but we can adjust hitstun very easily. kind of adjusting as we build. But this game has been built from the ground up.


Not hitstun, but hitstop. It’s that short freeze whenever an attack hits in any fighting game that seems to be missing from this build. The entire game should freeze for a couple of frames or so every time an attack hits.


agreed, we will be adding some things. including a very small light once the hit lands. playing through killer instinct and mortal kombat x right now.


Remember what I said about key frames on YT, Xer.


yes we’ve been updating as we go. we also have our title sequence added into the game. main menu, and working on our character select screen.


also we are animating a hitstop to be used in game.




I don’t think you’re understanding the word ‘hitstop’ if you are animating it. Hitstop is a short ‘pause’ in the animation of both the person who attacks as the person who is hits/blocks. During this time neither character moves (or the person getting hit shakes back and forth slightly, as in SF4 and KOF). This is useful for several reasons: First, it gives the move a bunch of impact, which is something that is definitely lacking in the game right now. Second, it gives players time to process what is happening.

Almost every fighting game has hitstop (hell, even Smash Brothers has hitstop), and it’s a rather essential part of both making the game ‘feel’ right and making it play like a fighting game.

It’s sometimes also called hitpause or hitfreeze, and it usually lasts about 7 to 15 frames, depending on the game and the strength of the hit.


YES i got what you mean, but the animator has been working on it. so right now it’s not finished. he has had quite a bit going on so our animation have slowed up a bit. i can upload the storyboard for the hitstun animation.

so right now been working on game logic, interface design, main menu character select.


we are making an animation kind of like a recovery to take place during the hit. i have an example


I spent the whole day working on UI designs and main menus


working on our first projectile attack. the summoned sword.
This is the first part of the particle effect.


So I need opinions on which effects is better the first, or the second one.


facial animation
basic facial animation test for ascension X Thank you to Candace Zingalie for providing voice work.


our updated ending screen.


now working on special attacks.