New Indie game! Immortal Fray: A fairy tale fighting game with characters we grew up with!


Immortal Fray

Immortal Fray is an indie fighting game project by ZoneWalker Games LLC
Copyright 2014

Version 3.0 currently under development

Gameplay Demonstration Trailer V2.0:

Here is the demo for PC.

Demo V2.0 Download Link:



If you have a good PC check it out and let me know what you think!

Make sure to read the instruction files included in the .zip and change your controls to your liking when you start the game.

For Demo V2.0 youll have to subscribe to the Immortal Fray mailing list to receive the download link

It’s a traditional 1v1 2.5d fighting game based off fairy tail characters: Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Little Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf, Santa Clause, Hercules, Momotaro, Tsuki no Usagi and many more!

The immortal, dark sorcerer Jolly James Hook has traveled to our dimension in search of the power of the gods. He has learned that the final resting place of the God of Insanity resides within our domain. With a sacrifice in tow, Jolly James Hook aims to wake the God of Insanity and acquire it’s power of control over reality. Heroes and villains will clash in an epic struggle to aid, or stop Jolly James Hook in his quest for ultimate power.
Official Site:

I am currently developing V3.0 of Immortal Fray with polished graphics and new features. In order to get to this point I reached out to the community for their opinions. I held polls for character designs that were most successful, and once I had a good idea on the art style that marketed well with people, I went ahead and finalized the rest of my playable roster for the game.

Iteration is the name of the game

I develop several pieces of concept art before I move forward. Then I create a model sheet to build the 3d asset off of.

This is what the game used to look like and what the demo V1.0 currently looks like

This is how the game is developing now

I am an avid fighting game fan and I am trying to deliver my own unique experience to the genre. This game is basically everything I love about fighting games combined into one story. I am reaching out to the SRK community for feedback and opinions on my journey through this game’s development. I plan to release version 2.0 of the prototype around September so stay tuned!


Being a fighting game enthusiast and a game developer, kudos to how far you’ve gotten with this. I’ve worked on countless student projects and this has the smell of one. Not that it’s a bad thing, but you may want to consider taking out what made it an ok presentation and focus on what can make it a better game.

If you’re going to ask for money I’d steer clear of trying to get licenses for the characters and/or cinematics. I don’t think people are going to jump on those characters or ever care about story so it’s an avenue to avoid. Instead really get that combat engine down until it “feels” good. It looked better than I expected in action but (forgive me if I’m wrong) I get the feeling that besides being able to link combos and do normals there isn’t much there. Find the element that either makes your game standout from a gameplay/combat perspective.

Consider just making a great “feeling” prototype and focus on some player feedback. Get one really nice rig with proper animations and transitions first to use as a base for the other characters. Make it mod friendly and easy to manipulate and I bet you would get the community making models and artwork for it. Like a 3D MUGEN of sorts. Even if you don’t go that route it’s important you create a solid framework on a small scale before ramping up. But don’t spin too many cycles branding it with characters you’ll never get the chance to use and cinematics that everyone will skip.


Good work. Add Hansel and Gretel or Humpty Dumpty maybe.


Thank you sir, this is why I posted to this forum so I could get feedback. You’re right, as of right now its mainly just a traditional fighting game. Im working on some polished trailers to show off how much the game has evolved since the last gameplay trailer. This is definitely an indie effort since I’m doing it all on my own.


It looks pretty good, I’m liking the concept, will definitely play. How many of you are working on this?


Nice to see someone actually come up gameplay footage of their indie fighter before posting here.

As for the game itself. I’m guessing this is running off UFE 3D. Some things need some work. The camera for one seems to be at an odd angle and 2/3 to half of the screen is the floor, angling it slightly upward should help.


Thank you very much! Right now there are 3 people working on this game. Im excited to have the demo ready for people to play and download!

Thank you! Yes you are correct I am using UFE3D. I appreciate the feedback I will do that with the camera!


Gotta at that, at the moment, something about the animation and hits feels weird.


UFE 3D, very cool. Had no idea something like this existed. But like everything Unity there seems to be some kind of solution for just about everything without much searching. Now if only they invested more in their audio engine and I’d be much happier. But I digress…

All the audio sounds placeholder as well, that so?


This reminds me of Nintendo 64 fighting games.

I don’t really get the “Rise of Cthulhu” subtitle though. Could of sworn that’s been used already.


wow this is so awesome, congrats man, a sorta chibi style 3d fighting game.
it really fits for a 3ds console thou.
anyway dump us a demo so we may give you a better feedback.


Yes sir samirerre, as soon as im done implementing the new features I’ve been working on and brushing up the graphics and animations, I will release the demo for everyone to check out. Im aiming for the end of March or early April time frame.


I’m no expert on game design or even the slightest idea what goes into it. Let alone fighting game design. I just know how to draw. But I have to give respect to anyone who would attempt to make their own game. I hope to as well make a fighter someday. You and your people keep at it. Good luck.


Thanks BB_Hoody that means a lot :). If you have an idea, then I feel Google is all you really need to learn how to make your game take form. Also, making games is fun because you’re always stressing it in your mind how to achieve something and you’re never bored haha!


I really really like the idea, i cant wait to see a more polished version. For a one man team, this is impressive!


I’m liking the progress on this game, are you using the ufe


Thanks guys! I am indeed using a modified source version of UFE. I’m really excited with how the game has progressed. It’s much different than what you’ll see in the current trailer. Right now I’m polishing up the effects and gameplay tweaks I just implemented and Im preparing a new trailer for a live demo at a show in Jacksonville, Fl on July 25th 2015.

As I previously mentioned, I’m trying to make sure that my motion trail effects are working as they should, implementing a story mode with CGI cinematics, an eye catching character selection screen, a new gameplay mechanic (which I wont reveal until the trailer is out), and I’m polishing the animations and shader graphics as well as the camera

In the meantime you can enjoy these fresh renders of the proxy models I’ve been using for the actual full game.


I’m sorry, this looks terrible.

Not the gameplay, the gameplay looks fine. I’m talking about your art assets, which are dog ugly. They are extremely amateurish and inconsistent, half of them are cartoon characters while the other half are pseudo-realistic? They don’t even slightly resemble each other from an aesthetic point of view. Even crossover titles that bring in characters from multiple different IP manage to stylize them in the crossover game so that they look like they belong in the same game.

When you don’t have that consistency it looks like a complete eyesore. You NEED to get better 3D artists.


Thank you for your input PSYCH0J0SH :). I do plan to revisit the art assets once my prototype is complete and available to the public. The reason I am planning to pitch a kickstarter campaign is so that I can afford a larger team and work full time on making this game the best that it can be for current gen systems.


You sir take criticism like a boss. Most people would’ve raged at J0sh for that lol.