New infinite discovored/explored

well guys i was playing with mag again last night and i found out an interesting way to do his ROM.Well, actually i think we will call this one ROM-x I like that name u like it?:smiley: ok the inf is only on big characters and black heart:,c.hp,,add/f,lk,lk,,,add/f,lk,lk,hk,sj.lp,,,add/f,lk,lk,,,add/f,lk,lk,hk…so forth and so on try it its fun

this does not work because of flying screen @_@ what were u smoking when u typed this ?? you cant have 2 fierces in one air combo and have an airdash afterwards

i think he was smoking marijuana and some other stuff … that’s the biggest bullshit combo i’ve seen

Actually, it does work… Thing is… The Hk after the 2 lk is a s. hk… So when you do the combo add/f lk lk land s.HK then superjump and repeat… its not a new combo… ive seen it and done it before… it is possible…

Good eye.

Thank u red and to all u non-blievers :stuck_out_tongue: maybe u just read it wrong or from the way u explained it didn’t really understand but to red i wasn’t sure about the discovered part thats why i marked it as “discovered/explored” but good look man

maybe u should learn somewhat proper combo notation.

/ =land
s.X = standing X(move of your choice)
/= sj(I think… maybe just normal jump)

thats all you really needed

and don’t give yourself too little credit… you did say NEWLY dicovered/explored

No prob… :wink:

Now… back to workin on this fuckin slide infinite… fuckin wiff is killin me…

pretty old combo, i did that version for awhile last year… and slide infin is useless

Slide infinite is useless… you never see anyone do it in tourney vids or anything like that… but I i cant do it… and its a challenge, so im gonna learn it…:stuck_out_tongue:

I guess when you learn it, your execution will get better, so I guess i can’t call that useless… but in tourneys these days everyone can block mags shit better now. and sometimes getting that one hit is the only chance you may get, and going for the slide infin may not be the best thing to do…

but in casual, thats a whole nother story lol

i use slide infinite alot since its the easiest for me especially against cable.

the combo he posted is the reg. mag infinite except he means sj. lk lk, dd/df, lk lk LAND standing double HK, sj. do the infinite and repeat.

david lee does this except he lands and does standing jab to double HK then repeaet.

I did the slide infinite in a tourney today on japanese sticks after learning it 2days ago. Shits mad easy.

vid of me doin slide inf in a february tourney, fuck up at the end tho

Nice slide inf… im having a hard time with it… after the otg, i can barely get 1 rep off… how do you do yours…

this is how im tryin to do it… Psy… Sj a/d Down (Wiff Hk) repeat… is that how you do it…?

u have to whiff the lk really fast, like immediately after u airdash. So slide your fingers or do the claw thing, as if u were doing the rom infinite. Its all about rythm, and isnt very difficult.

i dont see how ANY infinit is useless … if you can do it and keep it going then its not useless