New Invader Zim Movie Coming



Oh its fucking lit



First Samurai Jack and Young Justice, now Zim returns to us?

Maybe there’s justice in the universe after all…


I can get behind this, fo sho.
Seeing Zim, Gir and the rest of the cast in hi-res will be epic.


One thing I’m not looking forward to is all the Hot Topic zombies acting like they’ve been Zim fans since day one, when most of them weren’t even born when Zim was on TV.


So true. Can’t be helped though, it’s the renewed interest on the IP that matters imo.
Fuck the poseurs, lolol


At least we’ll get to hear the Doom Song again.

Oh, Gir, how I’ve missed you, originator of random, quirky humor.




You know what this movie needs? Tacos. It needs them or it will explode.


this mofo coming srtonk maybe best not to fucks around


May the almighty tallest bless this thread…



Dont forget that Hey Arnold movie thats meant to be its series finale.


Heh now THIS I didn’t see coming. 2017: Make cartoons great again.


IIRC that Hey Arnold movie was supposed to come out over a decade ago but it got scrapped for some reason.


The first one was a major flop. I doubt Nick would do another one.


hmmm, probably the only one Nickelodeon cartoon I could stomach besides Legend of Aang / Korra.

Looking forward to seeing Gaz Membrane again. If she receives a generous amount of spotlight due to 2017 catering to feminists i won’t complain for once.


I remember being totally hooked on that show when I was like ten years old and very impressionable. I think it made me a worse person, can’t wait for the movie


Hell yeah




Lmao I loved this show as a kid.