New-ish player seeking advice and ideas


So, I’m a returning SF4 noob, since I was pretty awful my first go around on pad. After years of playing competitive FPS I’m now looking to move into some fighting game competition and we’ll see how far I really get. I played a while on xbox live when SF4 first came out, then moved onto some more PC FPS competition.

With the help of a close friend (Contra) of mine who is also here at srk forums, I now have a stick and will begin again fresh. I tried my first go around on a madcatz fightpad but i found all it did was give me awful swamp palm and it became a physical block to playing with my fingers sliding all over and the frustration got to me after a while.

That being said, I do have Contra around to give me advice but I would like to hear from your guys also, as well as begin to get involved in the community. Beginning on a stick will be a “fresh” start for me. No bad habits engrained into my muscle memory yet.

With all this said, what characters would you recommend to begin on. Contra says Akuma might be good for me as I had a basic knowledge of shoto’s and enjoy a more aggressive style of play. What resources would you point a completely new fighting game player towards (There’s a TON on here, and it seems it can tend to be overwhelming to sort out the quality stuff for new players). What sort of training regime would you suggest for the most efficient and quickest strategy at improvement? Any basic stick usage tips and tricks? Muscle memory “drills” or anything of the sort? And any other things you guys can think of and would be willing to share would be appreciated. I look forward to meeting you guys and enjoying some matches.


An old but very good general tutorial about the game. Covers almoast everything including how to use a stick.
Noone can help you choose your character but Ryu is a solid character to learn the fundamentals.


Hey Im also a new-ish player, started a year ago. No where near great but decent.

Picking up sf4 could be challenging if you don’t know where to start. Akuma is a tricky character to use if you’re just starting to learn the game. I would def start with a character that is easy to learn like Ryu and go from there. Learn what you can from him, if you like the character then stick with him if not move on to the next character.

Some beginner fundamentals are learning the character movements. Every character has a different walk speed, jump arc, etc… and being able to understand this help when you try to apply attack or defense. Know every attack normals and how they could be used in different sittuations, practice executing their special attacks to a point where its just muscle memory, and know when you can use Focus Attack to your advantage.

Oh and don’t ever let your opponent jump in for free, punish them for trying to jump and limit their attack options. Know how to deal with a zoner ( throwing projectiles) by either empty jump to avoid them, and if you could get a rhythm of when they are going to throw it then punish them with a jump in attack or any of your normals or special attacks that goes around projectile.

The srk forum is a great place to learn about the game. Visit the character discussion to learn more about how to apply all your character options.

check out ultrachentv. They have two shows dedicated to fighting games strategy. Lots tips and tricks that you can pick up

Overall just have fun when you play, at the end of the day you’re just playing a video game. Good luck


For execution questions: SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)

Basics on how to play the game: Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4

And pick Ryu. He’s extremely basic, easy to use initially, focuses on apply the fundamentals of fighting games during your matches, and he’s a great all-around character. Akuma is a good character, but he has very low health, and requires strong technical knowledge and consistent combo-execution at intermediate-to-advanced levels. Ryu is a great learning character at all stages of improvement, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


use rose!


No. Use Birdie.

OP: read, practice, play, read, practice, play, read, practice, play

I’m not trying to be a dick, but there is a reason I shutdown “choose my character” threads. Someone else choosing a character for you is pretty much also playing the game for you. You gotta put in the read, practice, play mileage yourself. Good luck!