New-ish to the scene and need some help


Hey guys, new to the forums and I’ve been on and off with Street Fighter for the past couple years, mainly because of the learning curve and getting frustrated. I’ve been playing on a 360 pad and have gotten pretty comfortable with most of the motions (not so much with charge characters). I recently purchased the Tekken 6 Arcade Stick by Hori as I heard that it was a decent entry level stick if I didn’t want to go balls deep money wise. I’ve taken really well to the actual buttons but have been struggling a lot with getting motions (maybe timing?) down with the actual joystick. It’s not so bad in training mode but more-so in online matches or matches against friends when I actually have pressure to get the moves out. I know there are probably a lot of threads like this already but I guess I need some advice on how to better adapt to the stick, or whether I should mod/purchase a new one and if that would make a difference (I also haven’t picked a main as of yet, still feeling things out).

Any help would be awesome :slight_smile:


if you’re still having problems after 3 months, then ask for help, but for now just keep practicing


newbie questions = newbie dojo

check out the stickies for help on arcade sticks


In training mode, but also against easy AI opponents just to cancels and combos from both sides to get a feel for the stick and familiarity. Other things such as simple dashing left and right is something you have to practice alot to make it feel natural. Honestly transferring to a stick is going to take time but in the end it will be worth it as unlike a controller a stick doesn’t hinder you in performing anything, only limited by yourself. Sticks are specifically made for FG’s while controllers are not, although you can stil play fine on them, just takes more effort.

So keep playing for a month or 2 and don’t switch to a controller during that time, suck up the losses and frustration that you can’t perform the motions you want, it will be worth it in the end. Might even increase your enjoyment for fighters by learning how to play stick, it did for me.