New Japan 3S vids

From KSK’s arcade: HERE

I can’t use bittorrent couse the firewall, some other place to download in other format??

KO’s dudley …

first round of RX vs KO was great!

the sbo qualifier is great
RX rapes Daigo, and makes a great comeback against Nuki

I’ve been pretty up to date with the videos, but don’t know which vid that one was?

how many mb is that vid?


(379 MB)

Ryu VS Dudley special battle:

(252 MB)

Where do you dl a torrent player or whatever

no seeders :frowning:

Still have a problem finding a good player for these.

windows media player?

Thanks for pointing these out Xaero and Hol Horse!

I’d bookmark his site.

KSK always releases his bi-weekly Ranking Battle Vids. They are always good stuff!!!

The ending to the match between RX and Nuki was so amazing ;0

yup yup, I do check the site according to my internal KSK clock :slight_smile: When I got the 4/23 footage this past weekend though, I figured that was it for a few weeks! I guess he snuck the SBO and ryu/dudley stuff on there after that…

You are right–they are awesome :cool: I hardly play 3s, but I always get a kick out of watching these things.

I’m getting a very wierd error msg when I try to get it…

“problem connecting to tracker”

I am gonna have to defned Ryu here.

Some of people who used Ryu brought shame to Ryu’s name.

WHERE IN THE BLUE HELL was Frankie3S and MMM and MAYBE even Alex Valle, those guys would have made the fight more even. Good to see Mopreme but man I can’t believe he only won 1 fight.

I guess Dudley won the outcome there but Ryu needed good men out there to use him properly.

The players in that vid are some of the best players in the world (KO, KSK, RX, etc…) and almost none of them even use Dudley or Ryu. It was probably just a fun tournament, nothing serious. The RX vs. KO first round was freaking awesome. And the guy that missed the neutral throw into OTG shin-shoryuken (a fireball came out instead) in one of the first matches was embarrasing.

Yeah I kinda knew that when I thought RX uses Urien, KSK uses Alex etc but still… and yes RX vs KO’s first round was DA BOMB