New japan blog

Ok so theres only a tiny info of street fighter in there but whatever Im too lazy to collect enough info for a whole street fighter blog.


2 kudos, japan food there looks like alot for a few bucks, i always thought they had small portions.

what were some things the sean player was doing? what super did he use mostly? i bet it was sa1.

Fun read and great pics, your blogs are always :tup:. Try that Naruto drink already =P.

LOL at MOD being better than you in 3S. Represent Japan dammit! Good shit to MOD for holding it down for Team Chesapeake Bay! What u know bout our style? Fucking hurtin Japanese Q players with that ODB shit! WHAAAT??!!!

Seriously though…sounds like you guys are having tons of fun. I so can’t wait to go there next year so I can get hella laid by cute ass Japanese chicks. I mean…play 3rd Strike till my eye balls fall off. Or better yet…BOTH! VF5 sounds cool as shit too. Wait…gotta play Slash too. Green tea kit kat FTGDW!!!

lol that Q player was damn good with his little SA3 tactics. but Eventually i smashed him out. lol. Its not as funny when i look at the pictures anymore because ive seen most of this garbage now hahaha. but fucking bubble man is some nasty shit i dont like it. Tokyo is one random ass place. But that sean player was one annoying dude. I dunno wtf is goin on with low tiers man. Japanese love picking them.

And big props to Forgenjuro for hangin out. Ima go back there again before I go home. HEY arcade was a really good one. Now if itd just play 3s and get off of the VF5 machines . VF5 is da shit. oh wait no i want to play Street Fighter the Movie for 10 ?. woooooooo. JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME!!!