New Japanese 3rd Strike SBO3 footage

Just finished ripping the SBO 3 Qualifier footage from Tokushima Japan. This tournament had Messatsu Yarou (Urien), Pino AB7 (Necro), Matsuda (Yun), Red (Ibuki), Tsumoon (Remy), Munakata (Dudley), Shonen (Urien), Kyosenshi (Q) and many others. The file is a little over 1 gig and 1 hour in length. High quality. The original dvd didn’t have the players names edited into the video so I went ahead and did that.

Hopefully I did this right, its my first time messing with bittorrent trackers, so let me know if you have problems connecting. And plase help me seed this as much as you can. I will appreciate it. :karate:

I’m also in the process of getting a hold of other japanese sbo3 qualifier videos.


p.s. Here is the link to this tournament in the results forum on srk. feel free to read it.



thanks for your hard work, DBA!


thanks, torrent’s working fine, downloading it now, i’ll seed it when its done

:clap: :tup:

DBA, you rock so much, that you boulder. thanks for putting this up.

on it

thanks a million!

DBA for President!!!

Even though I can’t D/L it because of my ultra-shitty PC, it’s still fucking awesome! :slight_smile:

I hate torrents. I’m uploading 16k and downloading…5??

Is there anyway to speed this mother up?

how do u start the download? stupid torrents…

Dude, you are so awsome. Download works fine, and you edited the video! Good work.

<—Really appreciates it

Learn how to use Torrents peoples.

Just started to DL, thanks for this. :slight_smile:

DLing now.

hrm I am getting a weird error with the tracker. it says:

ERROR - rejected by tracker - Invalid info hash value

Anybody know how to fix that?

EDIT: nevermind, it setarted dling anyways

just get the torrent

if it doesn’t download automatically you prolly saved it to your pc

just double click the torrent file and it should start.

the longer you let it download the faster it goes usually.

you need a torrent program to download torrents

I completed the torrent, and it did not get faster the longer I had it run.

Some one put this on goforborke2 hub and give me the name of the file so I can search for it

Thanks :tup:

yeah, someone plz host this on GFB. My dls always go slow with torrnets. very rarely do i even make it to 10 kb/s

i have Azureus the torrent program but it seems to not be downloading.

You have to set up the correct ports on your router (assuming you are behind one).

im hosting it in GFB, download away

Need more seeds. ;.;