New Japanese AE2012 mook

Just saw it on It’s not that expensive, I think… I’ll buy it.

if i only knew japanese.

good shit tho

hmm i wonder whats new in it, because the 2nd version of ae mook was pretty shitty…

edit: so its out on the 1st of march, and they only added/updated one small part… char strategy… i dont think its worth it… arcadia is milking this shit. i recalled EVERYONE was pissed when they bought the ae pt 2 mook…

yes, and the frame datas are updated.

they said the same thing last time, they only updated with the new chars data but didnt fix the old ones.

mere copy paste job

ill probably check the contents first at the bookstore and if its worth it, ill get it

The 2nd version of the AE mook did correct some errors, but only the ones that were posted to the Japanese wiki. Still a bit lazy on their part, but I can’t really blame them if no one tells them where the typos are. I was more upset at the first version for not having Oni and E.Ryu.

I would expect the 2012 mook to correct the updated typo list on the japanese wiki, plus the errors they themselves posted on the arcadia website.

I have both mooks for AE. Not getting this one. They pretty much copy and pasted 70% of it, threw in hit boxes and a few errors were cleaned up. Getting SFxT mook instead to compliment the Bradyguide one.