New Jersey 3rd Strike Tournament

Let’s get a new Thread going, if you’re available at all from July 1st - July 8th, post any active New Jersey arcade you know of. Maybe we can get a Tournament going on, I can def. throw 200 down for some prize money. Feel free to add any ideas, on rules or traveling/directions, or PM me or contact me on AIM/E-mail.

edit: I didn’t post in the Tournament and Events thread since this is just PLANNING one.

im avail whenever, only know of FNG really

I wouldn’t mind a tournament at FnG, I’m not available on either of those days though.

Edit: Oh through the 8th, let’s see. I can play on the 3rd through 5th at 5pm or later, and I’m available all day on the 6th and 7th. Don’t you think that’s a bit early though? We need some time to get the word out.

I don’t have any prize money to offer, but I can probably talk to the arcade staff about holding a torney, just give the word.

Ill do it i dunno if im available but ill go.

Id rather have it on console on according that FNG’s stick suk. but i dont care

Ill go

Lets keep this goin see who would show up.

i can also hold it at my house, it’s a pretty decent size townhome. I got a big ass basement that’s done so we can hook it up.

They aren’t that bad, but it might take some getting used to for people who haven’t played there.

That would be awesome, I can bring an extra tv and ps2 if we need one, but the TV is small.

i have 7 tv’s in my house, and 1 ps2, depending on how many people we can get, find out the best time and what not, also wanted to add, free food and drinks on me :X

pm me your address so i can determine how far you are from me…
perhaps we can get something figured out

Hey, yeah, I’m in.

I can supply a ps2 and a copy of 3S, no problem.

Anyone know the address of this place? The date and time would be great, too.

I’ll go to pm your address I can bring a ps2 if anything

its about an hour from me i dont nkow for sure if i can make it but ill keep u posted

Its official.