New Jersey 3s Tournament....try and get these monies

NJ 3s Tournament

Place: 234 Probasco Road, East Windsor, New Jersey.

Time: Around 6-7pm (giving time for ppl to show up).

Date: July 5, 2007


Rules: Double Elimination. 2/3, finals 3/5 and grand finals is First to 3 out of 3 sets.

Payout: 70/20/10 + a 200 pot bonus!!!:wow::wow:

This will be played on Console so Bring your own pad/sticks.

This is being Run by Aremsi, Sergio, and I.

Talk to me on aim for more details.

If you will be attending please say so.

List of players.

Mr. Quotes
Marlin Pie
Mr. Ryu

So Far this is the list for brackets

Sign up now.

Goodluck to everyone, hopefully I’ll see you at my house. Should be a sick night if all goes well.

We might be short one or two PS2s, if you’re able to bring one, and/or a copy of 3s, that would rock. Try to let us know in this thread if you’re bringing one.

The tournament will begin around 5-7, sign ups will start as soon as Fransisco and I arrive. I get out of work at 4 and it will take me at least an hour and a half to get there.

If you want to play casuals before the main event, feel free to show up at any time during the day. To be honest I’d rather you show up two hours before the tournament than a half hour after.

No Akuma players allowed.


This isn’t true.

I see what it is have a tourney a day i work to improve your chances of winning

Nah its just a random one we have been working on since like monday lol.
We’ll try and make the next one in enought time for ppl to call out or request off from work etc.

damn, I prob. won’t drive down to east windsor then… take me off list. :looney:

LMAO its ur house:looney::looney::rofl:

you know it was good, btw maybe we can get a list for the first post of who’s attending?

You guys are just afraid of me. <3

no we just dont like you winning anymore! it’s a fun novelty every once and a while but it gets old…

jay kay

good luck to all entrants and that jazz, i’ll be showin up for the awesomest 170 something dollar i’ll ever swipe from therapists hands. not actually winning it mind you, i’m stealing it when he wins.

He only wins if I’m not around :smiley:

Yeah, it’s gonna be pretty sweet…is Meat Truck coming?

no he wins a lot even when hes playing you and i beat you handily quite often too.

ps fuck remy

Handily… nice

What I mean is, he only wins when we’re not in a tournament/money match.

Don’t dis my new main!

Ur new main is G-Core aka Gay Core.:arazz::looney::wasted::wtf::tdown:

I wish I could beat him in a tournament. The jerk just sandbags all day, then pwns.

have i expanded your vocabulary for the day

i wish i had some super secret not sandbagging trick like actually doing unblockables :frowning: when do i start holding down oh no thats the hardest part and i havent learned them yet!

Thursday Thursday Thursday

Therapist vs sergio.

Blind money match

No looking at the screen


The most anticipated match of the summer!

Thursday Thursday Thursday

Side bets anyone?