New Jersey Casuals

Hey everyone! Some of you might remember me from the Street Fighter 4 tournament held at Best Buy in East Brunswick a while back :bgrin: This time around I don’t have any big plans for anything like that, but with the hype starting to build around Super Street Fighter 4, a good friend of mine and I are starting to play a lot more Street Fighter and wanted to try to get a group together for some casual matches and just to have the fun of not playing each other all the time and not dealing with the online lag that pops up sometimes. Nothing can really compare to playing someone side by side! :razzy: I remember a lot of great players that came out for my last tournament and I hope you all had a good time and I’m sorry to anyone that couldn’t play because the store forced me to make a 64 person cut last second :tdown: . If I get enough interest perhaps we can start running some tournaments between everyone that’s willing to do so. I am located in the East Brunswick area. Hopefully, I can gather some people who want to play and it’ll lead to some great casual play and eventually some tournaments! :bgrin:

Wrong place to post this go to the NJ thread in atlantic north discussion and matchmaking.