New Jersey Fighting game club/weekly tournaments on consoles


Hey every1 Im looking to start a weekly or bi weekly gathering for fighting games to be played on home consoles. Im open to any suggestions as to titles. We could hold tournaments etc. Im located in the jersey shore area near belmar. Let me know if anyone is interested… Just reply here


this should be in north atlantic discussion… but nonethaless i’m interested.

from toms river, not too far from ya i think


gbursine i acutally live in Toms River also lol. I just put Belmar because more people up north know where that is. Whats you aim? Mine is KingofCT8


I live in Hackensack, and there’s a nearby console cafe where I hold tournaments monthly, it’d be a great place for weeklies if anyone in NJ ever gave a damn.



“gbursine” is my sn

TR>all of ocean county. we have cancer water, the little league jackasses, and seaside.

edit: are there other people in toms river who play fighters?.. I’ve always assumed south jersey/the jersey shore had no scene.


Master Chibi u got aim? how far r u from Toms River its exit 82 on the gsp


Haha, I’m like exit 160 buddy, that’s pretty damn far XD


i m from west windsor, thats about an hour from there, i would be up for games.

should have tournaments at like freehold mall or something.


hey master, get on aim so we can talk, and what games do you play?





o pshh… i will round up this master character for your saturday whatnot, and we’ll visit this hackensack. isn’t it famous for chicken or something?


Hackensack is famous for having a stupid name, that’s about it.



I live in Edison New Jersey but I have an Xterra so I don’t mind far drives. As far as games, SF3: 3rd strike, MVC2, Guilty Gear Slash?, KOF, Tekken 5, whatever. I’d even be willing to pick up any fools from central NJ and carpool this shit.


What place do you guys meet at in Hackensack and at what days and times usually?


Well I hold monthly tournaments at the place, but we’ve yet to get a group to hang out weekly.

If you’re up for it though, let’s do it. Sat / Sun are best.

Also my tournament is on this Saturday at the same place!

Come on up if you can!


Ok but I warn you. I suck bad. Everything cept SF3, that’s about the only game I can play cause quite frankly I don’t own any other game mentioned.



Do you have a dreamcast, b/c i can hook ya up. :slight_smile:


I suck plenty too, it’s all for fun. Come early for casuals in 3S, and stay after the tournament because the place will be open late too, it’s all good.



hey mc, IM me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just gave my dreamcast away. Oh well, could always import a PS2 and games I suppose, but I’m too damn cheap.