New Jersey Street Fighter 4 Tournament 3-28

WOM3 Weekend long 3/27-2/29

I’d like to present to you guys the info
Who: To you…obviously.
What: Fun tourney and place to meet and greet friends.
Where: 33 Homestead Ave West Long Branch NJ 07764.Yes it is at a house.
When: 3/27-29/2009.
Games ran:

-Street Fighter 4.
-Street Fighter 3:Third Strike.
-Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix.
-Fight Night R3.

Tournament Time Schedule:

Fri : Casual start at 7:00pm
Sat March 28th: tourney starts around/about 7:00pm
Sun: Just some more casuals.
Important to remember:

  • Winner gets 25.00 gamestop giftcards
  • R.S.V.P is a must.
  • Outside food and drinks may be brought in. Please pick up after yourselves.
  • This is a BYOC event. You have been warned…
  • There is no smoking in the house. You may smoke outside.

-Were running 2 out of 3 all the way through.

-Will have an arcade cab with 360 inside of it.

-We got about 25 people already we just want to open up our ranks to meet new people.

-Can Email me at

-Info also found at

-Facebook stuff at

Thanks to Devildigimon I kinda used your info as a template.

is that a 25 giftcard for each game u win at ? if that the case hell yea im in n ill bring some people :slight_smile:

25 in each of the street fighter games,… yes.

Well… I’ll email you to RSVP right?

damn if u had this the weekend before i would of been able to make it but i already made plans to go down to a tounry at c3 :frowning: would of love to make it to this if somethin comes up ill let u no

just thought i would add if people want to take the train to long branch station i could pick some people up

Really dude? Sweet, cause that was my plan! (to take the train)

It’s on a 360, right? Can we bring our own arcade sticks?

yes please look at the info and flyer its bring you own everything except guns and knives im supplying those out for the tournaments after the tournaments

sent you an email, i’d like to attend

any word on how many people are gonna be here?

give or take 35 i think theres still uncounted though more people

Guys were pretty much a week away and like i said its a difficult mapquest.
My number is 732 822 2965 cell so if you need to reach me its all good im trying hard to accommodate.

Yo, I can’t make it to the tourny this weekend. Sorry dude.
But yo… if you ever have any more tournys, I’ll def go to that.

Emailed you might be too late though.

wow this tournament was crazy…horribly ran…low skill level players…and reggie was late…couldnt get any worse i gave up a third of the way through … and messsed up the brackets…to all the shoryu people on this beside me "THE BEST PLAYA EVA…"your a complete waste of my email space and time…