New Jersey Tournament Wylin Out Molly 3


I know it’s the same date as Sudakare…but if that might be to far to travel this could be a cool alternative.

Wylin? Out Molly 3

I’d like to present to you guys ?the info?
Who: To you…obviously.
What: Fun tourney and place to meet and greet friends.
Where: 33 Homestead Ave West Long Branch NJ 07740.Yes it is at a house.
When: 3/27-29/2009.
Games ran:

-Street Fighter 4.
-Street Fighter 3:Third Strike.
-Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix.
-Fight Night R3.

Tournament Time Schedule:

Fri : Casual start at 7:00pm
Sat March 28th: tourney starts around/about 7:00pm
Sun: Just some more casuals.
Important to remember:

  • Still haven?t decided on money/no money yet please let me know your opinion in R.S.V.P.Its my House so don’t be afraid to gamble.
  • Outside food and drinks may be brought in. Please pick up after yourselves.
  • This is a BYOC event. You have been warned…
  • There is no smoking in the house. You may smoke outside.

-Were running 2 out of 3 all the way through.

-Will have an arcade cab with 360 inside of it.

-If people want to play for money please let me know in reply. Please if you are coming reply to post with R.S.V.P .Trying to get head counts to make this thing as cool / smooth as possible for people to enjoy.

-We get about 25 people already we just want to open up our ranks to meet new people.

-Can Email me at

-Info also found at

-Facebook stuff at

Thanks to Devildigimon I kinda used your info as a template.

Just wanted to throw in after reading several post about the tourney’s that are also occuring this weekend.Were better j/k…this is some fun stuff money no money whatever its about people and playing and if you wanna help try to set anything please be my guess.


Seems cool. I go to Monmouth and me and my friend were planning on going to the tcnj tournament. Kinda sucks the real stuff is on the same day but I’ll prolly change my mind and come here. Just bang out those details.


Got a bed for me to crash at? Haha.


Yeah we seriously do have some floor space for people to sleep.I think its gunna end up with some gamestop gift cards but probably just for 3s 4 and HDremix.Its still up in the air with people.I dont care , we could end up doing both money and gift cards anything.

Monmouth is like throw a rock close so if you wanna stop by check it out whatever.Friday night should be chill so.


If it’s no money then I’m definitely down. lolol.


The address is not coming up on mapquest? Weird…
I can get to Long Branch, prob is I need a map to the place, and the address isn’t coming up.
Any idea what’s wrong?

EDIT: Found it, West Long Branch and Long Branch are two different places.


yeah my bad its probably just gonna end up being for some gamestop gift cards

the address is 33 homestead ave west long branch nj 07764 i think the area code was different between west long branch and long branch but the distance dif is like half a block kinda dumb but…

just a heads up right now we got about 20 people and growing, also on mapquest i think it pops up in a different location like the south side of the highway its actually the north side wrong side of highway


well this sounds good but how much would the gamestop gift cards be for… and wat system will SF4 and SFHD???