New JLF making popping noises?

i just got a new sanwa jlf joystick and i installed it in my SE stick. But for some reason when i move the stick in certain direction every so often i hear a small popping noise, its not the switches on the inside but a distinctly deeper sound, kind of sounds like a part is rubbing and then slipping off the SE plastic? i dont know if what i said make sense. but ya…

Anyone know what this sound is and if it poses a problem?

Might be the JLF spring.
Try re-seating it.

re seating it?

one of my jlfs does this too, i pulled up the dust cover (i only have one) and looked at it, when it makes the noise the little white hemispherical part seems to pop up a little. I think it might be the spring too.

were you able to fix it?? and have you noticed this effecting the joysticks performance at all? in debating if i wanna mess with my new jlf i dont wanna break it haha.

fyi its hard to actually break a joystick

open it up and take a look.

hrm okay i guess i will have to take it apart and see

Before you take it apart, go here…

Also youtube search “JLF ultimate mod”, this will show you how to dismantle the JLF.

i totally know what you are talking about, its kinda like a popping sound that has some friction right underneath the dust cover area. i too will try to reseat my spring and see if that makes the difference.

I’ve noticed this since my mod a year ago but it has never effected my gameplay

ahh lol thats good to hear barky! not that it makes that noise but that it hasnt effected your gameplay. Maybe i should just leave it alone haha

yeah mine doesn’t effect the gameplay either i think i notice it less now, not sure if its being broken in or i’m just less OCD about it now.

it could be the white pivot moving around. if you lift up the dust washer you’ll see it.

ya i think it is that white thing, any suggestions on how to fix it?

Silicone lube.

Yeah, my new JLF just started doing this today. Or most likely, I just noticed it today. I took a look under the dust cover, and it’s definitely the white pivot ( I think ?) that’s popping up slightly.

So, lube is the only way I can fix this huh? Like some of you, it’s not really affecting my play, just being OCD considering the stick is brand new and all.

any sources for lube besides lizardlick?

im sure silicone spray would work? not sure may be safer to wait for someone that actually know haha.

Akihabarashop has the original lube. But LL also sold the Dow Corning Molycote 44 medium and it has served me well so far.

do you know of any stuff that doesnt require ordering online? esp LL.