New Joystick Maker and Video Game Business: Networkingyuppy

What up mate, I live like a whole 15 minute walk from the store and might check it out sometime (since I got break from classes now). Though my one question is how much are you going to be selling your sticks? Simple, no design, wired.

Wait, you aren’t talking about that Gamestation store on the corner, are you?

I think that might be it… Looks that way according to google street view

Yes, that is it.
BTW here are some new pics. :smiley:
I took in the advice for the gluing process and whatnot. Here’s some eye candies.

All done in lexan. While I was carrying the completed product, i accidentally hit myself with it and it left a mark.

Man, this stuff looks pretty incredible. Was nice talking to you on XBL tonight, I’m wondering how the price is- if it’s competitive with the SFIV stick you might just have a customer. :slight_smile:

Some new pics done for commission.

This dude makes awesome sticks. He made one for me (that completely clear/lexan) one. Since its creation i had him do more work to it just for the fuck of making it look better. Awesome stick and plays beautifully.

Piece of advice, I think the JLW is mounted too high/ shaft length is too long.


What the fuck does that mean?

The Punchout one looks excellent.

I have a stick up for sale. This is a ps1/ps2/ps3/pc custom controller, with the pcb salvaged from the mayflash arcade controller. This controller is slightly used.
The dimensions are:
The parts used for this controller are:
Sanwa JLF Square
all sanwa buttons.
Drop me a pm and we’ll work something from that point on.

You still making sticks dude?

Very nice! Do you have any slots open for a 360 custom with Sanwa psrts? Please mail me at paul(dot)rezendes(at)gmail(dot)com if you do or will soon!

Great looking sticks man, I really dig the balrog one on your trade thread as well. Do you have any pictures of the bottom of these?

yeah. The balrog one should be on the custom thread @ tech talk. You can see the pcb wiring and whatnot. :smiley:

I was looking to make a box out of straight plexi 6mm thick, use bolts and no glue, so will it will crack and be too fragile if i don’t use wood, metal or reinforcements?