New Joystick

I just finished this about 2 hours ago.

It is a fully working arcade panel. The panel is from a SEGA Megalo50 cab, that my uncle has a couple old ones. Wood box with Sanwa JLF and OBSN. Plays like a dream. I might be selling it, depending how the response is to it.

Looks good, paint job looks a little ruff though. No offence.
I love the size, shape.

Yea, none taken. The heat jumped up too 100+degrees here for like a week and paint really wouldn’t settle right.

Humidity is a problem here, lacquer blushes so easy.

Has a lot of room for handrest on the stick end of it. Although the stick and buttons are kind of closer than normal. I’m guessing thats how Japanese cabs are as well? Other than that, its spiffy. Should have gone for blue buttons and balltop. But thats just me. Very nice.

The plexi looks cracked.

There is no plexi. It is full steel panel. With laminate on top. Remeber now, This is an actual arcade panel with a custom box built around it.

Its from a megalo panel. megalos are huge with a massive monitor which is separate from the controls.
The metal panel has been taken straight from the controls.

GO GO GO big joystick makers, i’m not much cop on those small little custom jobs everyone is so good at making, they move around too much! hope you enjoy your stick

looks good, i’d be interested in buying it

Finished For DECOY


New case design called “Convertible Top”. Easy acess to the parts and never have to unscrew anything. It’s wired up for the Xbox360 and it plays great. In the mail to DECOY as of 2pm today.

looks pretty good my man. Would love to see inside, also do you have the live port?

Thats the beta pic, while I was still figuring out the ground relay system. Wiring is bit messy, but everything is nicely set and not moving. Best part about my new case design is that you can just pop open the top and stick the cord inside for traveling.

I got my stick from Mikei a few days ago and I gotta say I was impressed on how sturdy and well built it was. It’s small and compact and very strong. I’ve been playing HF on the 360 with it and so far it’s been great. A HUGE improvement of the 360 pads. The flip top is terrific for easy access to the stick components.

If anyone would like to give Mikei some business I would recommend him without question. He’s a good guy and he keeps you up-to-date on the status of the order. Also did not have to wait very long for my stick.

Thanks for your hard work Mikei. It is much appreciated! :clap:


Built yesturday for the RSTD invitational, but got drunk with my buddies for my birthday instead of going to the actual invitational. haha.


Still needs alot of finishing. Only 1 coat of paint so far and not wired for any system yet. I’ll get on it around tommorow or the next day.

How much for a just a box for a happ? No shipping or anything as i’d pick it up in LA.

PSX HAPP comp stick + buttons = 90$ LA pick up would be awesome. I’m in little tokyo just FYI. Please put an Inquiery at the Order form on my website please. And we can hammer out the details that way ok?

Mikei, did you use a different template for those 2 SF sticks? The buttons look farther apart on the Ryu stick.

Definitely interested in this stick. Check pm’s or email.

Last button was drilled slightly bit off kilter because the 21st birthday celebration started a little early.:wgrin: