New Joystick

Are you still making these? I’m interested in buying. I like that Chibi-Ryu artwork. How much would it cost to build one for the 360 and have it shipped to Charlotte, NC?

100$ + plus shipping which is like 10$. It can be yours by next week.

Cool! The buttons could be closer together on those last ones however. Just my preference of course, but the closer the buttons are the better.

Like the SF:AC stick’s button style.

Do you use paypal?

yes i do!

PM me.


hey mikei r u the same mikei who hangz out at family with all those crazy doodz??


lol ya,

I dont hang out at family anymore, what up sambao? you still out in lancaster?

PM sent

lol yo.

yeay I moved back to lancaster after halloween from OC, and I finally got a job recently

but it’s in sylmar and the shift is like 7-5 at LEAST. plus the commute is killing me!!! I aint too happy these days

but since I’m in the area I hit up family friday & sat after work. I was actually in a bad mood today coz of work shit so I went today to beat up foolz on 3S (tho I was the one who got beat)

currently saving up to move closer to the area tho~!!! gotta get out of lancaster again!!

Here are some new joysticks I finished today. I got a whole load of cases done but the paint will dry in the morning.

Top: HORI Doa4 stick Mod
Bottom: RO case w/ P360 and Sanwa OBSF

Seimetsu LS-32-01 and Sanwa OBSF-30

Better shot of the artwork.

How much money on average does it cost you to build a stick? I’m kinda thinking about doing this now.

New one finished today.

Japanese Format, Dreamcast PCB.


Better shot of the artwork

The insides

Hey Mikei, nice stick, but why did you left the cable at front of it? I think you could just rotate the PCB so the cable will be facing the back

Just the way I do the flip top cases, cord in the front.

Different = cool


What Dreamcast PCB are you using??

1st party controller. They’re easier to find out here than the madkatz ones.

Really you’re using an official pad PCB??

Do you note some lag with L/R??

Cuz I’m so afraid of hacking mine and having lag issues :sad:…

I can’t feel the lag, I was painting the fences with ease whilst testing the stick earlier. I don’t know, I guess it will throw off some people but I honestly don’t even notice it.

Try doing gief’s lariat. You will notice you miss it alot when using the triggers (do it with one regular button and one of the triggers/analogs. Hope that doesn’t ruin the experience for ya. I played happily for a couple days, then started playing gief a bit and I noticed it. All I can say is don’t waste your time padhacking an official dc controller. It will bug you. Interestingly, it makes blanka’s electricity rc pretty easy to do. You can roll the first three punches, then basically hit short, jab and fierce (on the analog) simultaneously and it will come out as an rc due to the slight lag. Anyway, that’s obviously not something you want to get used to, so save yourself some grief and don’t padhack an official dc controller.