New Jump Superstars (AKA DBZ vs. Naruto vs. One Piece vs. Bleach etc) Vids

Click on the blue buttons.

Game is going to be so hot.



I forgot they were Shonen Jump. :karate:

YeAh! /little john

That’s gonna be hooooottt… But sigh … probably no american release… :sad:

Duuuuuuuuuude, don’t forget that the DS is ALL-Region like any other handheld, and besides it’s just a beat’em up/psuedo fighter, do you really need to know what the story is about? Hell this game probably doesn’t even have a real story to begin with.

True, but I see those manga-style graphics and it looks like you’ll be using the stylus to do attacks and stuff. Not that you can’t learn it, but it makes it that much more annoying waiting for translation FAQs to come out. :arazz:


Are you ready true believers Hal and Shonen Jump have joined forces to bring you… SHONEN JUMP SUPERSTARS!!!:clap:

Still crossing my fingers for Mihawk.:sweat:

Um, the game is made by GANBARION, not Hal, GANBARION made those pretty bad One Piece games for Bandai.

Link to info please? I have also read it’s made by Hal.

Also look at the link you posted, look at the copyright at the bottom. :wink:

Well, Magic-box isn’t the most reliable source, but I guess the official website is.

Maybe they got it right this time. They seem to have.
Is this a crossover manga in honor of the game? Does anyone have more info on this? Will it feature every artest for each of the series features, or just one artist mimicking everyone’s style? Any places where it can be preordered?

Somebody better scanlate this shit.

It says it’s an all color illustration book of all 27 productions, and will be given to those who purchase it early, until they run out.

Wonder if Lik-Sang or Play-Asia will be giving that shit too…

On the plus side, Sagara Sanosuke the greatest manga/anime character of all time IMHO is in it, HOORAY! On the minus side, he’s just a support character and not actually playable, BOO! Ditto for Saito Hajime, only Himura Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin is playable, Saito and Sanosuke are support/back up. Oh well there’s enough characters in the game I like to make for this almost unforgivable sin… and since I just got my PS2 modded to play Namco x Capcom, I backtracked and got the PS1 Rurouni Kenshin RPG where I can control Sanosuke anyways. FUTAE NO KIWAMI!

Looks like a Game Gear game (and a crappy one). Nintendos only releasing this on the DS instead of the GBA to make the drooling fanboys waste their money on their new portable.

No ammount of Jojo can save this piece of shit.



I disagree, from the early vids I was skeptical and I still am, but the chance of it being at least fun is still pretty high. The amount and variety of characters should at least make the game worth something.

It is obvious the game won’t be a SSBM and definatily not a SF2 classic, but it could be pretty fun to knock around with. Especially if the multiplayer is 4 (or hopefully more).

The game looks alot better than that piece of shit NH2 for ps2, thats for sure.

This Is Game Is Teh Pimp !! Wryyyyyyyyyyyy!!