New Juri Fuhajin Technique

If this is already known, please correct me. It’s new to me.

I was messing around with negative edge for doing Juris Ultra 2 after a Fuhajin store in the corner and I found out something interesting.

After doing Fuhajin store you can use negative edge to get an EX version of the Fuhajin, instead of a regular release.

Just do normal 236lk and hold it, then press mk(hold both) if you do another 236 and release both, you will get the EX Fuhajin of lk/mk.** This works with all versions, just interchange the kicks.** You are limited by the Fuhajin you stored initially as to which EX Fuhajin you can use.

lk store gives access to EX lk/mk or EX lk/hk
mk store gives access to EX lk/mk or EX mk/hk
hk store gives access to EX mk/hk or EX lk/hk

I’m not sure how useful something like this is. On the surface, it seems like it would help most in a situation where you would want to access an EX version different from the store you had. So if you were pressuring someone in the corner and used a lk Fuhajin store and then saw them jump back and you wanted EX lk/hk to hit them in the air, you would now have access to it without having to first release a lk Fuhajin. The mk Fuhajin store to EX lk/mk could be helpful in midscreen situations where you want to continue pressure on an opponent with a EX and you feel like the mk release wouldn’t be helpful.

Ultimately, this is just one more option. Check it out, let me know what you think.

I also wanted to point out that this can be done any time you have a Fuhajin stored, it’s not necessary to hold both kicks the entire time. You can play with lk fuahjin stored, and if you get in a situation where you can press and hold either mk or hk, you instantly have access to the trick.

It’s possible to do xx EX lk/mk Fuhajin with lk Fuhajin stored, or do an EX Fuhajin in any other cancel situation so long as you hold the new kick(for the version you want) and do a 236 release in place of the normal single button release.