New kaillera client/current server list thread

Kaillera server list

note again from FB I am unstickying this for the time being till it’s needed again.

NOTE from fatherbrain
I have merged this thread with mooseheads kaillera client thread. His client is located at the bottom of this post. I figure one thread with all the tools is a lot easier and better to use.

This has been asked at least 5 times in the last 3 days, and I can’t even imagine how many times over the past couple weeks. Yes, the kaillera main server is down, and no, nobody has any idea if it will ever be back up. As such, when you log into kaillera, you will receive an error when kaillera requests the server list. Moosehead (of has indicated that their server may soon be the new kaillera main server (go Mooshead!!! :tup: ), but for now your only option for accessing servers is to manually enter the IP address. While I cannot post images on SRK (or I would, for even more simplified reference), the process is very simple:

  1. start kaillera (“start netplay”, “play network game”, etc.) in your favorite emulator
  2. make sure you have a username entered in the username field
  3. click on the “Enter IP…” tab, in the lower right-hand corner
  4. enter any of these IP’s in the resulting pop-up window
  5. click “Connect”

If you are able to connect, then the IP will be stored under the “Recent” tab, so you do not have to re-enter it every time.

This is a work in progress, and will be updated as I find more servers. I have some Japanese servers in my recent list at home…but I’m at work right now. Please feel free to post any IP’s that you have, so the list can grow. :slight_smile:

West Coast server
USA west
USA east
USA east (server 1)
USA east (server 2)
Intense Gamers server
USA east

Europe: (site down, server working)

[Ma3x] Emulatorz Server

Sintech Japan 2nd server

anybody have any west kaillera servers?

Great topic.

as promised in another thread, the first good server list will be stickied. Keep em coming guys/gals!

sorry to inform but i believe arcadehits is down as well as the italy one… :frowning:

Correct you are. Thanks for the heads up, they have been removed.

If you’re referring to west coast U.S. servers, I don’t think there are any anymore. :frowning: I was tinkering around with the idea of getting one running, but I for one don’t have the extra cash lying around to get a dedicated server or get the necessary bandwidth through my ISP. :xeye:

Happy to see you included my server, Its not for def but probably become server ESS clan at


Bah, your server has a 100 ping limit and my ping is 102, lol.

im getting a dedicated server soon so ill maybe run a server

Awesome. Whereabouts?


Sweeeeeet!!!11 :rock:

Kaillera Client With WORKING Server List Available

This kailleraclient.dll is a standard Kaillera v0.9 dll that has been altered to use the Master Server list at instead of This was done because (as of Sept 2005) the Kaillera website has been down for months, and as a result nobody is able to get a server list. Users wish to continue to use Kaillera; therefore the owner of has started an alternative Kaillera Master Server.’s Master Server is currently driven from Anti3D’s TopServers list. Any server owner may freely Add their server to the list via the website, but no servers automatically update the list.

Should the original Master Server list at come back up sometime in the future,’s Master will act as a mirror so no confusion arrises between people with different versions of the dll.

Are there more servers in Asia? I see so many US servers and even the one in Japan has too high a ping for me. I live in Singapore btw. Is there a server closer to here that has good ping?

These are the only ones I know of. I have a couple other URL’s in my “recent” tab, from 3 or 4 months ago, but cannot connect to any of them now. If you happen to come across any, please post any info you have, and I will gladly add to the first post.

I can’t access the GodWeapon 2 server for some reason.
I can get in to 1 fine though.
This is strange, because I used to be able to get in months ago, and I never did anything to get banned. Hell I barely ever even chat, I just go to play.

I get problems with GW2 from time to time also. Give it a half hour and try again.

Half an hour won’t do it I don’t think.
It’s been like this for months.

Hey I’m having the same problem with GW1. GW2 works fine for me, but if I log into GW1, it stops at “connected, logging in”. According to other people, it shows me on the user list, but I never get the server window on my side.

Try running TCP Optimizer:

Be sure to set your MTU to at least 1200.

Let us know if that helps.