New Kaillera Server in LA


Turned it back on. I’ll just leave it up. Memory leaks like hell, though. Had to restart it. It should be running better now that it’s not using 256mb of memory just idling!

BALLIN’ :tup:

Nice, A replacement to fragbox*

Just played a game and got beat on for 2 games. That server plays as nice as a private server for me no joke. Everything was working great till all of a sudden everything got hella choppy all randomly.
Not sure if it was just us or the server or if it is a cps3 thing though.

Sweet, I’ll try it tonight. Just in case, can you pls PM me the IP? (If you know it)
It’s cuz sometimes it is REALLY hard to detect all the servers, takes hella long time. I don’t know why it’s like that for me.
Thanks in advance.

just connect to It pretty much works every time.

Pretty soon it’ll be Yeah.

yah that server is amazing…even if im not the one hosting the game it feels as if I am…Im in nevada too…not even Cali lol
we need to get more peeps on this server…other servers have like 60+ ppl but the ping is horrible!
Im in there all alone begging for someone to beat my ass lol

Good news

HOLY CRAP, I just tested it right now (I always test servers by playing 1 player mode… if it’s choppy and unresponsive, then I know how playing will be) and like… dude… it’s like PERFECT

I would rep you if I could

BTW, the new version of MAME (Today, the 28th) is good, very fast, but is there netplay? I can’t find a Kaillera option, and I can’t even configure the “talk” button

Sweet, that means 0ms for me!

The new server is SICK

Hey SquaLLio!
Remember me?
It’s hyper dash from yesterday. =D

Is anyone going on the server yet?
Nobody is there…

Just so you know, there is no benefit of hosting a game besides pressing that shiny [Start] button. The game is played through the server, not you.

Sweetness!!! Let’s hope this one stays up…

Will test tomorrow, prolly in the early AM (7-10), if anybody’s up for some CE or ST (hell, if the connection’s good enough, I might start playing a3 again :D).

This server will stay up as long as I need webspace, so pretty much it’ll be around forever.

you should track down a copy of Hyper Street Fighter II: The anniversary edition so we can play; however, I 'm down to play some CE if you want. Not many people are into that, but I am.

In case you we’re wondering, I’m in the server.

Maybe someone will be willing to test the connection with me, since I’m in michigan.

Aye, I understand that…what I meant was if I were hosting a private server. :slight_smile:
I probably shoulda said that tho huh…lol

Hey hyper, lookin forward to getting beat up by twelve again…haha

Plenty of CE players on DaRoms, GodWeapon and Emularena… :wink:

But, I’m certainly more down for some HSF2. Which emu you on? The “newest fad”, Mame32++ u2 seems to work very well for it.

hey noaffinity…we’re using the new u3 client, and it works even better haha

Hey, are there any good Hugo players on this server yet?
I’ll be on the rest of today, and most of tommorrow.

Hey guys, I can’t seem to connect to Kaillera on the June 29th version. The 25th version still connects fine, I can’t get the 29th version to work. Any ideas?
Pls PM me if needed. Thanks a lot, MUCH appreciated.