New Kaillera


Does anyone know if there are any alternatives to kaillera being made ?

And also does anyone know in detail how kaillera works ?


Here’s something

thanks mate u r great :confused:

Looks like SSJ GOKU retired from this…

I wouldnt trust a guy named SSJ GOKU to begin with

I have a serious project going to “make a new Kaillera” called Emulinker. Here’s the website;

I think everyone that uses Kaillera knows how many problems there are. It’s probably driving some to use ZBattle instead… For me, I can’t get really excited about playing Nintendo online when I could be playing the real arcade rom online instead, if the technology was there.

Emulinker aims to fix that.

moosehead is pretty much our only hope, everyone else just bullshits… i’ve tested a new server with moosehead that stops lamers from doing gayness but the actual netplay isn’t that good yet.

im with you MooseHead

Most people hit up ZBattle because its alot less laggy than Kaillera… But if you can overcome that then there would be no need to play on ZBattle anymore =)

Zbattle does it perfectly, is there a way to just add the netplay aspects of zbattle to mame or other arcade emus? It would be great if you didn’t have to re invent the wheel twice, especially since it’s pretty much impossible to improve on Zbattle.

Actually it’s the built in netplay in Zsnes that is remarkable. Zbattle is just a front-end to find users. But, your right Airthrow, if only someone would implement the same netcode into an arcade emu.

Yeah I made that post at 3:00 am, I really just meant ZSNES’ netplay features are GOD LIKE.

You’re not the first person to bring up how great netplay is in ZSNes. But you have to realize it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

ZSNes is person to person, no server middleman, so you have to have allow it through your filewall. That’s a big disadvantage to some people.

It’s 2 players only.

It’s made for a single emu only, which only has a max of what, 10 buttons or so?

The bottom line is Kaillera is a much more advanced technology than ZSNes’s net play, necessairly so because it’s made generic enough to support any emulator.

I think you perceive the low latency because your connection is direct to the other person. That’s something we’ll consider for Kaillera in the future since it cuts out a server which is usually faster, but there’s no easy way to do direct connections for games of more that 2 people.

Yeah, but we’re SRKers, we play fighting games. On Kaillera I refuse to do more than 3 player games because I have never ONCE experienced 4player that isn’t unplayably laggy. I do 3 players only if the pings are all super low and few people are on the server…really I only care about direct head-to-head play for fighting games.

I guess you’re trying to replace kaillera with something better, but I don’t see how you can really help the lag thing without taking out the server middleman (which is what most of us here want anyway). I do hope you can improve kaillera beyond just banning closers and stopping people from being able to join games in progress, which is fucking annoying.

Lag is the biggest issue on kaillera for us.

indeed. good post

moosehead fuck kaillera off and start a new netplay add on from scratch. If only that wanker christophe would release the source for kaillera to people who care enough to update and maintain

I don’t know why he keeps the site up if he’s not going to update it anymore.
The least he can do is replace 0.67 with 0.61 or 0.64 on the main page.

I know he doesn’t owe the community anything, but how hard is it to say: “It’s done, it’s over”?

And lol, it’s not that easy just to start a new netplay add-on. Nobody’s made anything besides kaillera for any emulator besides ZSNES, and you can’t just hard code some kind of built-in netplay in to MAME. First of all the MAME team would probably try to castrate you. They’re very much against the idea of kaillera existing at all which has halted its progress from the start.

I will say it’s very nice that we don’t have to deal with closers anymore though. Before I couldn’t get a game going longer than 10 minutes most of the time.

Yeah, when I play games online with friends, beyond lag, I have no problems with kaillera. Sure the serverlists go down, but with alternate ones, it’s not a big deal anymore.

So hopefully cutting out the server, will become a viable option in the future, since I think people would assuredly be fine with playing more 2 player games, and not being able to go 3 or 4 player, if the lag was comparable to playing on ZSNES.

Best bet would be to take another emulator then, if the MAME people are being whiny. It’s not like MAME’s that great anyways compared to other similar ems…