New Ken Combo Video!

It`s awesome because I made it >_>


Seriously though, any feedback (positive or negative) would be highly appreciated!

plus on the production :tup:

neg on the combos :tdown: sorry

Its good man, don’t listen to the haters. Obviously you can’t do them in reality, but its well done | : I like it a lot

Me likey. Combo exhibition vids have their place as well as combo vids that focus on stuff one would use in a tourny. Good job man.

Thnx guys! appreciate it!

Honestly , I thought it was gonna be a combo videos possible in fights not just toying with FADC and Ex sorry I wasn’t entertained :frowning:

I liked it. That srk, FADC, ex tatsu, ultra at the end was cool.

dope video thanks for sharing

thumbs up for trying…

thumbs down for all around waste lol

cool video

The effect and music were alright, but I was more hoping like others, it was a fighting…The quality of the video was weak, the colors and detail didn’t show up very well even with the HD option.

Dude, it was pimp, don’t listen to haters, I want that track so I can listen to it at the gym!

Yeah it was.

Fuck the haters, shit looked badass.

you tried i’ll give you that much.