New ken infinite on sent...i hope

i haven’t seen this this combo posted anywhere so …i’m hoping i’ll get cred for finding it … if it hasn’t already been found. this combo works from anywhere on screen and only on sent and doesn’t involve the hurricane kick, it’s, j.lp, j.fp repeat. i found this out about 4 weeks ago and did it at the arcade and it pretty much left my friends speechless…i wasn’t gonna tell anyone but had a change of heart i guess :wonder:

Hate to burst your bubble, but any variation that involves jumping at sentinel while you are on the ground and doing and infinite while he is just standing there… those have all been found aloooong time ago. The one you always see with the hurricane kick is just one of many variations. doing an infinite without the hurricane kick does not make it new.

awwwwww!!! oh well…