New Ken player need some basic combos

I’m new to Third Strike in geenral and I need some bnb combos to use with Ken. Anyone have any?

MP -> HP -> LP Shoryuken
MP -> HP -> EX Hadouken (doesn’t always combo, but relatively safe)
cr.MK -> EX Hadouken (doesn’t combo from max range, but relatively safe)

Air-to-air EX Tatsu -> Shoryuken when you land
Cross-up EX Tatsu -> st.MK when you land

cr.LK x2 -> SA3
cr.MK -> SA3
MP -> HP -> SA3
MP -> HP -> Fireball -> SA3 (easier way to hitconfirm the above combo)
cr.MP link to SA3
far MP link to SA3
b.MK link to SA3 (crouching only)
UOH link to SA3 (easier to connect if the tip of UOH hits deep)

  • Don’t bother too much with ground Tatsu because it sucks and has frame disadvantage.
  • Ground EX Tatsu is only good for creating space between you and the opponent.
  • Air EX Tatsu, however, is awesome and is REALLY helpful for you to escape corners and catch opponents in the air, as well as a crossup.
  • Don’t bother with using his f.MK, f.HK, or hold MK because they are terrible normals in 3rd Strike.

aku pretty much covered what you need to know, but another option instead of Cr. lk x2 super is cr. lp cr. lk super. also if you land a super in the corner it puts you in the perfect position to do UOH super on there wake-up mid screen you have to move after the super but it’s pretty easy regardless.

Fair warning: the last hit of cr.LK -> cr.LP -> cr.LK will whiff on certain standing characters; it will always work on crouching characters though. Keep note of that.

What’s a good technique to get the MP, HP, LP Shoryuken to connect? It seems I can get the MP and HP down but I always miss the Shoryuken.

you mean to get the target combo right? an easy way to get it is to crossup with his jumping mk, then do it but it’s pretty easy to block, you can also super jump from a pretty good distance and land behind them ( don’t use j. mk for this) it can be pretty ambiguous at times so most people block the wrong way.

just start the sequence right on top of them. if they block just dont do the shoryu. if you’re too far away it won’t connect.

also try the timing on the shoryu in training. youll find you can do the shoryu input quite early and slowly. take time to make sure you’re doing the input correctly. you can speed up as it gets comfortable. starting out with bad form will not help you. just practice. you’ll get it. it’s an awesome little combo and in the corner remember you can follow up with another jab shoryu.

Yeah pratcing the Shoryu like 100 times in a row helped me alot. Then I was able to combo off the MP HP. Made it alot easier. Thanks.

HP, MP srk, SAIII is a good punish combo.

thanks for the the combos :smiley:

Pointless combos that are fun:
2x far.lp xx SA3, close.lp xx EX SRK xx SA3

Kens heaviest damage SA 3 punish is HP, MP shoryu, SA 3.