New Ken player needing help

Hey guys, long time trolling the forums after 2 years and finally decided to sign up!

Since I first played SF2 I have always used ken and if forced, ryu. Anyway I have been thinking for a while about learning fighting games. I have been reading the beginners guides on here and starting to take it in. I played for 30mins in the trials then an hour online, i have lost about 10 matches and loved it! Is that strange?

Anyway I need help with trial 13 i think it is with ken. After the light dp and ex cancel dash, i cant pull the ultra, and I cant do the movements slow because of the small time frame you have to pull it, any ideas?

I am here:

when you do the DP motion, hold the stick in the down-forward position. Press mp+mk, and then tap forward once. This causes you to dash without requiring an extra ‘forward’ input to do so. That should buy you a little extra time to dd the QCFx2 motion.

when ever I do a FADC I tap foward while hitting the MP+MK then only have to tap it foward one more time to the dash cancle, don’t pause between the last tap foward and the QCFx2

Thanks guys. Will try it out after work tonight.

I completley changed how I played instead of constantly jumping like I used to, i tried keeping on the ground and jumping when needed. I also didnt get frustrated like I normally do when I lost. I just brushed it off and continued.

I played a guy 3 times last night and the 2nd and 3rd matches I managed to take it to the wire because I learnt his basic setups, I was well chuffed! :smiley: gonna play more tonight!

I am here: