New Ken



Im new at using ken…Is he harder to use than Ryu??Or are they the same?? whats the pros and cons of using Ken?? Is Kuroda a good Ken player?? Can someone tell me combos and stuff??

  1. Ease of use for new people is roughly the same
  2. +No bad matchups except Chun, top tier or borderline, easy to use, -predictable and overplayed
  3. Yes
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please pick a main and stick with them, you won’t get very far trying to play everyone. even multi character masters like kuroda, KO and Boss all started with ONE main.
whoever you get the most joy playing as and don’t mind losing with should be your main.
also, search before posting.


Pick someone and stick with them. Study them, make sure you like who you pick weather they are hard or not


everything except for the last part

and dont learn parry before all else. You should focus on learning what is blocked from standing position and what is blocked from crouching position befoire you learn how they are parried. Don’t learn super combos before learning regular combos and most of all DO NOT USE GREEN KEN BECAUSE THAT IS MINE.


I just throw random stuff during game…I know how to do s.MP>s.HP>LP shoryu…

any other good combos??


Play whomever you have the most fun with. Ken is overused… but if you have fun with him, more power to you.


Well yeah…I have fun using Ken and Chun li so yeah…


Who are good Ken users that I should watch??


check the general strategy forum with the japanese players thread. tons of good kens to choose from there


From the US you got 5 Star, Ricky Ortiz, Amir, Hsien Chang…

…from Japan you got Daigo, Deshiken, Matsuken, Spellmaster J, Keeper

that should be plenty of players to learn from in your quest to master Ken, so check their videos out on youtube (Go here for all good 3rd Strike videos Even though Ken is almost top tier, you still may find him to be a difficult character to learn and use. Good luck and stick with it.