All PSN Abelers add me to ya list I want to spar and have some feedback from one another. I would prefer you to have a mic so we can pop sh*t to each other while I combo away. Just joking, gotta hype the thread up. But all jokes aside I’m really amped for some new blood.

PSN: GeeMan287
BP: 9445
PP: 2717

I’m no SCRUB mess around and you’ll get washed.

Place in the message ‘Abeler’ so I can kno who u are.

And remember “words are not necessary”

the abel mirror is so retarded, why would anyone want to play it :frowning:

I did something similar a while ago and while the match is a bit retarded, I found my ass beatings beneficial. I got to keep replays of the matches afterwards, so I picked up a few moves from other Abel players. In fact, when I first got my Xbox I came across Juicebox playing in an endless battle, I knew it was him because his name tag is listed on these forums and he was giving nasty beatdowns so when I played him I noticed that he would punish any neutral jump and jump ins very effectively. I got some of my anti-air game from him and playing the actual match is a bit different than watching videos I found because you can actually feel how effective a move is or isn’t, really puts in perspective.

I hardly ever come across Abels that can punish neutral jumps with standing fierce punch and cancel roll for a mix-up or that can step kick link, most Abels wheel kick for no good reason, but it is not about who the better Abel is, it is more about what can you get out of the matches I think.

So do you want people to have a mic to breathe heavily into?

All noob Abel players are Breathless.

Abel’s not my main but I play him for fun. PSN: ZaMi916

PSN - rhymesxreasons

New Abel player looking for help from experienced players. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks