New King of Fighters game? (pic inside)

Well I was browsing through the threads at, and I noticed this thread:;title

Looks interesting, I wonder what game it could be (KOF Maximum Impact 3 or KOF XIII?) and he said that SNK will supposedly show pics of the game in a few weeks.


So that’s Yumeji, Rock, and Iori right?

Does that mean giant SNK crossover game? :3

The King of Fighters is basically a giant cross-over SNK game, lol. They put Yumeji there just to throw you off. She’s probably just one of the new additions to the next KOF game. I’m hoping it’s not Maximum Impact 3. It’s a great series and I like it but I’d rather have a KOF XIII or an entirely new concept because haters won’t play Maximum Impact with me.

What game is that Yumeji character from? To me that person looks more like Hibiki from CVS2.

Yumeji Kurokouchi is from Samurai Shodown V and Samurai Shodown VI. Hibiki Takane is from the Last Blade series.

hopefully this means that there are 3 new games coming out, new garou, new samsho new kof.

but that is a pipe dream :<

this could also be just an advertisment for a tournament at a-cho. they do make their posters pretty elaborate to advertise for these things.

I wonder if it’s Neo Geo Battle Coliseum HD.

I don’t believe so, Yumeji is not a part of the roster. If it was a sequel to NGBC it would be awesome though.

it’s not a new kof, it’s a tourney:

That’s not fucking Yumeji. It’s Hibiki…with purple hair for some reason.

LOL Last Broke 2!

yea its a tourney nocturnal said he was trying to go to it to play garou idk if he still is

ngbc hd is being released on what?

Noc and I were planning on going, but that isn’t happening due to lack of funds and time.

This is for a national SNK tourney from what we’ve read. Last Blade 2, Garou MOTW and King of Fighters 98. Might night even be a national tourney, could just be a big SNK tourney.


I’d play that.


It’s being released on 360. Screenshots have been released. If it was on PSN I would get it because I love NGBC but damn it SNK.

…damn it why only on 360, why not PSN

It was a joke guys…