New KSK ranbat, 03/04

Edit: Is it just me, or is this torrent not working ?

Edit: Got it, had to leave it for a while before it connected.

Just downloaded it, it was actually posted on the 3S match vid thread.

Good shit so far, wait, is ACK an American player or something?

Ack = Toronto, Ontario, CANADA.

Yea, I noticed the word “Canada” in the middle of all the Kanji on KSK’s page, was about to ask who the Canadian player was.

I wanna see some Urien on Alex action! The video better not corrupt this time. :mad:

You got it, check out the end :wgrin:

Anyone going to put this on filefront? :wonder:

Yup. The size is right, but the upload ended funny so, uh, yeah, I think it’s ok.

I just can’t get this vid to torrent. I either download it and the vid becomes corrupt or the download just doesn’t start.

Does anyone have a version of this vid that isn’t corrupt? Everytime I play this vid no matter what player I play it on I get a corrupt message or it just stops playing altogether. Sucks cuz this Ranbat seems too exciting to miss out on. Just my luck that the Ranbat with Zangoefu in it is all fucked. :arazz:

the version i got from (thanks jason) works great