New KSK Ranbat 2/18

You know the deal. Seed that shit.

Wait a second… is that SRK’s Fubarduck? :rofl:

And so far all I can say is that Aruka must be directly related to Jesus.

haha i was just about to edit saying FUBARDUCK!!!

Aruka is godlier than God himself.

That…is a lot of Chunners…

I was thinking the same thing.

Why don’t they just rename this shit ChunliVision’s RanChunlibats and be done with it for Chuns sakes. Chun.

More Chun LI!

Even Tokido joined the dark side.


Now that I’ve watched the whole thing… literally every match has Chun in it.

I don’t know whether I should feel indifferent or disturbed by this.

Yes!! 4 out of the best 8 are Chuns!! Soooo money!

Glad to see Aruka back doing his usual thang.

So yeah, I successfully proved the theory that if you enter enough RanBats you will eventually make the Top 8 once or twice. My last RanBat before I have to go home will be the next one on March 4th, so I’ll go try my luck one more time. :sweat:

I learned something new though. I always thought that parrying Ibuki’s F + RH gave Chun a free low jab to super on Ibuki, but actually it depends on distance. The first hitting frame (3rd) of Chun’s low jab has less reach than the next (4th) frame, so if Chun is too far away when she parries it, 4 frames is enough time for Ibuki to recover and do something (parry, etc.) which is why I got stuffed for my later attempts.

I went to Vision that night specifically to practice Chun-Li vs. Chun-Li, so my wish came true with how the Best 8 turned out :looney:

those chun mirror matches are surprisingly entertaining

Thank god Aruka was in there. Otherwise a relatively boring Ranbat of chun chun chun. Kokujin seemed about as bored as I was at some points. There are some okay chun vs chun matches… but for the most part it was a snoozefest other than Aruka shining through with some fun to watch play.

This RB is boring as hell, too much chunners. Last FFA RB is more fun!

Cool. My hero Aruka’s in this one. Gonna watch this to get prepped for my tournament next week. I’ll be the only Ibuki competitor against a swarm of Ken and Chun too. YAY! :tup:

damn fubar i wanted you to win after tauntin aruka like that. that definatly fired him up though.

LOL. Fubar taunting the Jesus of Ibuki players? This I must see. :cool:

It was accidental. I mashed too many buttons :rolleyes:

Can anyone post the direct DL link??..thnaks

That turned out being your biggest mistake ever dude lol, cause Aruka got FIRED UP after that I mean you can just see the intensity in his play jump 10 notches.

BTW, who all did you have to take out to make the top 4?

Yeah, this is one of those Ranbats where Nuki magically doesn’t make it to top 8. Oh and at least he admittedd it was an accident. :rolleyes: Taunting my boy like that…