***New Kustom Sanwa Stick**

*New Kustom Sanwa Stickz

Surprize Suprize…Finally made my first sanwa stick…More than likely its going to be for sale. All that needs to be done are the guts…i’m in the process of wiring it right now…But other than that here she Is.




Everyone be brutally honest :tup:

Lookin good :smokin:

I’ll give you $10 bucks for it lol…seriously though that shit is hella nice.

hey man glad to see it get done. looks fucking fantastic. id buy it but u already know ima making one. mine will be so artistic i wish it would get stickied lol. but yeah super kudos.

also love how the art came out… looks great. better than the original dudley one.

oooohhh! it’s alive at last! lookin good man!

I hope one day I figure out how to make that frame of wood around the top panel, with the artwork recessed into it. Seems like everyone knows how to do it except me.

Well done.

Easiest way to do it for a non-sloped top (still possible, but more difficult for a sloped top) is to size your pieces so that the plastic sheet and top piece of wood fit just inside the side walls (when the side walls are assembled to form a rectangle). Then lay the top face-down (the imaginary top, mind you, since it’s just 4 pieces of wood forming a rectangle) on a smooth flat surface. Put the plastic sheet in first so it’s lying flat against the surface - don’t be an idiot and remove the protective sheets before the stick is complete, btw - and then fit the top piece on top of that. Install the corner pieces which will hold up the top piece and plastic, and bingo - everything at the top is flush.

EDIT: Here’s an example

Front/back side pieces are 12"x3"x3/4"
Left/right side pieces are 10"x3"x3/4"
Ends are 45-deg mitered

The internal dimensions of the rectangle that the four pieces form when assembled will be 10.5"x8.5", so make your plastic sheet and top piece 10.5"x8.5"

I think it’s awesome, reminds me of tha-Darkside’s Makoto stick, well could just be the art, but great nonetheless. :tup:

Good shit! This is your best, no dought!

Well i took some better res pix of the stick…enjoy :slight_smile:




And here’s the inside…haven’t wired anything yet


Great work, glad to see you finally completed a Sanwa… and the art just happened to be of my favourite character. Might have to get you to make me a couple in the near future. I’ll hit you up on AIM when I do. :slight_smile:

that looks nice and clean. seems like a good paint job too. well done.

Speaking from a typographic standpoint, using that pre-destructed text isn’t very clean IMO. So, my only suggestion is to improve the graphic by using a font similar to that, except make another layer on top of it and use brushes to give it a more realistic and professional “destroyed” look.

Otherwise, the stick looks great. :3

Listen to this guy bro…seems like that shit will help.

Ya i take everyone’s advice to heart…But thanx guys for the kind words. I’m finishing up the guts of the stick…should have some pix up in about an hr or so…laters

Here are the guts of the stick guys.
Well ran outta wire for the start and select…but gonna buy it tomottow…hah…but here is the pic


Now we are talking :D.

Are you going to drill a hole for the wire to get through?
Looks kinda uncomfortable with the frame on top of the wire like that.

Awesome job though! Looks sweet :tup:

Thanks, now I get it. Using that method for a sloped stick sounds pretty tough though, like you said.

Yeah i’m going to drill the hole for the cord to come out. I’m not 100% painting the stick yet…money is kinda short so i gotta wait to buy some sealant…but yeah imma drill the hole for the cord…i’ll be done painting it in about 3-4 days…gotta wait to get some cash…thanks again for the kind words

If anyone is interested in buying the stick hit me up with an offer. I personally don’t play on sanwa sticks.