!New Kustom Stik!

Well here’s a new project i just finished. Its got all Happ Parts…comp stick and comp convex buttons…and the pcb is a ps1 series A…If anyone is interested it post up or pm me with offer…Here are some pix…



Man ChainZ…that shit too good. Speechless that so damn clean inside and out. Art work is pretty damn good as well hope this sells soon.

nice very clean setup inside

Twist ties for the win :clap: :clap:

Two thumbs up man! Much better than your first couple of sticks.

I notice that you didn’t have to use screws to secure the plexi. Props to that (as long as it’s secure).

Pretty nice wiring too!

Kickass stick once again man!
Well done!

Shit’s looking hot!

$1 shipped…J/K.
That is great work right there.

Hey guys thanks for all the kind words…I’ve been putting everything u all have told me to heart…And it looks great…thanks again fellas

chainz that is one nice stick. very hefty size there but i like it. but i dont mean to sound rude or anything but i was wondering if you have so much space up on the top why dont you put the PCB up there instead of at the bottom. that way you wont lose about six inches on the cord. just a thought really like see even though i had a little space i still crammed mine up there so i could get a longer cord out of it. here take a look. but man i like that stick its tite.


Yeah thats not a bad idea…but since i already wired this one up and everything i’ll do that in future stix…thanx again for the idea.

looks very good,very nice and dark art.
But i still don’t understand why most of the stick builders here put the start buttons on the sides,i never accidentally hit mine on top :smiley:

looks awesome, did you build the box yourself? And if so how youd get that high gloss finish?

Its a lengthy process of woodfilling, sanding, priming, sanding over and over till i get the smooth finish…then about 3-4 coats of flat back and around 3 coats of a lacquer finish…takes a while though.

I know what that’s like, but in the end the finish looks great. Good job, your stuff has improved quite a bit since I last saw it several months ago, keep up the great work. Nice image too

Looking good! So far, I only have experience modding my DC agetec with Sanwa joystick/button. Still not finished though, waiting for .110 quick disconnect I bought from ebay.

I think I caught the bug. next project will be a joystick from scratch.
ChainZ, again that’s a nice stick. looks very polish, like you been building stick for years.

Thanks Darkside and modcapper for the nice words. I’ve started another project…I’ll post pix as i go along. I should have some up soon today.

Man that’s nice:)
Great work. That’s a pretty sweet ride you got there.
Looks pretty low-profile as well for a Happ!
Nice work.

yo bro, start that box for my stick :stuck_out_tongue:
once i see some pics and shiz i will send out the $ and the MvC2

talk to you on aim once i get home on wednesday.

Nasci- Thanks man, yeah the artwork took a while to do. I’d really love to keep the stick but college now started and i’m taking 18 hours, so i really don’t have time to play much anymore. So I have to sell the stick. :frowning: But its still open to offeres if anyone is interested. i love the stick but gots to get rid of it to concentrate on school.

Shodokan123 - I’ll start once school settles down. The first week or 2 sucks…lol…but i’ll start on it A.S.A.P.

chainz answer my aim messages you clown :expressionless: