New Last Blade 2 and Vampire Hunter Japonese Match Videos

Hi folks, here have 3 japonese websites with matchs for Last Balde 2 and Vampire Hunter or Nightwarriors Revenge!

Last Blade 2: 16 matchs 4 matchs

Vampire Hunter: 7 matchs

Good Matchs IMO.

Wow Last Blade 2 looks cool I NEED THIS GAME!!! I hope they release this on PS2 one of these days

Last Blade is fantastic. It’s like a combination of KOF and SamSho. It’s SamSho’s weapon based action, but a combo system like KOF. Just one great game

Vampire Hunter? Wow… That’s pretty random if ya ask me.

Perhaps… but then again, I like it. I think Vampire Hunter is way better than Vampire Savior, so yeah, I’m biased. Wow, just watching the Anakaris vs. Morrigan vid makes me want to bust out my Saturn and play again!

Same here: no now-lame “re-done” moves, no stupid Dark Forces…Nightwarriors is just the definitive Darkstalkers for me…that and Vampire Chronicle.

Jesus Christ that Bishomon player was sick.

edit: the Pyron v Sasquatch match was very amusing

Damn. I gotta stock up on videos again, Thanks Taikoubou!

A part of me thinks that Pyron’s performance was somewhat cheap (the wheel to hit-on-the-ground move was done over and over, I just don’t remember the move names).Then again, he was very diverse in his tactics. Sas put up a good fight though.

Great Vampire Hunter matches. Bishamon looks way too good wow!!!

I always enjoy watching anything Darkstalkers related…A few months ago there was a page that had a couple of vids of Daigo beasting w/ Phobos and Aulbath. I’ll try to find the link.

On a side note…did you’all know that Daigo once had a 268 game win streak in Vampire Hunter w/ Pyron??? :confused:

He also has had 100+ game win streaks with the entire Vampire Savior cast :wow: :wow: :wow:

That bishamon player is not Daigo?
Btw, i saw some matchs from that site with Daigo videos, it’s aewsome, but i also forgot the url from that site…

For speaking about bishamon…
see your infinite in Darlstalkers 1


Not one Hibiki in the lb2 matches.

Is she just not viable at high level or something? 'Cause it seems that on the rare occasion that she shows up, she gets obliterated. Coincidence, or…?

Wow, rushdown.
Haven’t seen that in a while. 4 matchs

The first two matches feature Hibiki in them.

2 matchs with hibiki n that site
Take that matchs:

click on the 4 match links not the 16 match of LB2! 1st 2 matches have biki in them! :wink: dumb dumb!

biki players will LOVE the 2nd match! :tup:

Wow…so many moves I have never done on LB2.
I want to play again!

You’re right. I opened the first link then started reading the thread & completely forgot about the second.

Thank you all.:bgrin:

I take it that’s sarcasm? Or do you say that 'cause she actually gets a round off that bastard Juzoh?

bah, the matches from the first link aren’t downloading for me -_-

I don’t suppose there were any matches with Okina in there?