New Limited Edition Femme Fatale TE at PAX

im gonna get one! if anyone wants me to pick up an extra , let me know…

“The unique Femme Fatale artwork is a result of close collaboration between Mad Catz and Capcom”

Really…still try to pick up a ps3 one for the all white case.

I’m going to go ahead and be the first (and probably only) person to disapprove of this

That stick has one ugly ass color scheme. The 5 minute Photoshop art doesn’t help.

I actually like the comic con stick better…

a lot better imo

I agree with you about the 5 minute job, but I like the purple on white. Only one thing though. How many of these “Limited Edition” sticks are they really going to make? Yea, wow there’s only 1000, but then when you add all the Comic-cons, and the original Te’s, and we all know they aren’t going to stop here, how limited will they really be? There’s pretty much no collectors value to any of these sticks.


I like the all white case, but that’s probably about it.

Didn’t they say the original TE stick will be “Very limited”. But look, they’re mass producing that thing now!
I might just sell my TE stick now, and score a sexy new limited one. :rofl:

Not digging this one at all. Madcatz should be careful with whoring out this TE stick design with with shitty artwork. The original TE and SDCC sticks were tight but this is now entering the realm of ridiculous. Should’ve limited the originals to a decent run and 500 for the SDCC sticks was perfect.

Don’t worry about whoring. The Brawler/Shadoloo/Shoto TE’s are next, just like the costume packs that were already on disk.

From the stick thread on GAF it sounds like there is at least one more coming out(MvC2?).

edit: if you look at the second pic it looks to be a TE with black sides. Not sure if it is a custom, or another variation…hopefully the later an all black stick would be nice.


og TE stick still best looking out of the box imo

It looks much better in person. We only made 1,000 of these, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Not trying to tell ppl they need this (they obviously don’t)… but it’s something neat for ppl that care bout it.

If you don’t care, that’s cool! don’t buy it.

Just look forward to new shit down the road.

The Art sucks. They just copied and pasted the shit together.

How much will this be selling for?

I too am curious to how much these are going for i didn’t see them in the Capcom store

I really don’t want to sound like a hater. But the original TE stick was beautiful, and the SDCC was actually a pretty clever design. But this new Femme Fatale seems really rushed.

If you like it buy it, however, I wish they had better art. I would’ve ended up buying 2 of these.

Hopefully the future ones look better.



It’s not even really that limited like the SDCC since they’re going to be selling this online as well as opposed to just at a convention.

I was gonna buy it to flip on eBay but I think I’ll pass since if no one does buy it, I’ll be stuck with a stick I don’t really need.