New Limited Edition Femme Fatale TE at PAX

MarkCatz is milking the shit out of this, because they know idiots will rush to this shit in droves, and they don’t even have to change the design on their sticks.

Fix the original TE design? Nah! Let’s make the exact same stick, but white… with orange cheeto vomit art, and then white… with purple ‘my first photoshop’ art! Fuck yeah, those scrubs will eat this shit up!

^^^ Word.

Best part is, if they made a $250 hand assembled TE that wasn’t made of shitty components, like a TE, ACTUALLY TOURNAMENT VIABLE CONTROLLER, people would buy the shit out of it. I would. But instead, I pay $150 for an 8 button layout turbo having, pcb dying, soft screw and red glue having POS.

In before ‘TE TE edition’, with a picture of the TE as the art, and red buttons! Only 50 thousand ever made!

edit: With a commercial featuring Xzibit!


^ That’s cool. Internet appreciates your opinions. Don’t like, don’t buy.

I laughed. :razzy:

The TE isin’t *that *bad at all, not as great as a well made custom because of the wonky PCB, (my stick sometimes craps out and won’t register anything but just stays in the up/back position and I’ll have to replug) nuts that come out of the socket because they decided to glue the nuts in place, 8 button layout (which isin’t that bad, but still not ‘tournament’ style, turbo functions, etc. but it’s still the best retail stick that’s on the market (at least for the 360) for the PS3 I’d say a HRAP2SA w/ lag free converter is better than the TE.

The fact that you promote a stick as a ‘Tournament Edition’, despite the fact that I pretty much had to void my warranty to get my stick playable in a tournament scenario is stupid. The fact that I took a MadCatz PCB none-the-less, from a wired pad, and put it in my system and I stopped having RT (roundhouse) die, and stopped getting dropped inputs is even dumber.

None of this is an opinion, this is straight fact.

The fact that to do this, I had to strip 15 tiny screws made out of the softest metal in the world, covered down to the THREADING in red glue to do this is even dumber. And the fact that afterwords, that same red glue that somehow defeats my fucking screwdriver falls off the nut that the bolt uses to hold the faceplate down after I put it back together?

That’s straight up dumb. And I’m not even exaggerating.

This is why, unless you have patience, knowhow, and tolerance for just stupid design, I don’t recommend you buy one of these TE re-hashes until they improve the design. Vote with yo dolla, yo~


Yep, best part was MarkCatz refused to send me another PCB. “Just try changing the button, and call me back.” …“I have the stick open now, I’ll change the button… yep, RT still stops working after a few uses.” “…Tr changing the button again.” “Okay, I have a full bag of new Sanwa parts right here. Let’s do this thing.”

Looks very messy in a copy-paste kinda of way, like something some kid threw together and posted in the “my art for the TE” threads.
Not to be that guy, but it seems like it’s trying to sell on sex appeal alone.

MarkCatz lol…

Real talk though, I’m not ignoring issues/points brought up by everyone. I do read SRK and I am making a conscious effort to make sure things are done right. I really do appreciate the fact that people are vocal/making themselves heard though.

Well next time they go “Let’s rehash the same, tired, shit with new art!”


“No, Let’s improve the design or people will stop buying it!”

Some of these opinions are true. Change the artwork…it sucks.

The Art looks like something you can find in the TE template thread. :lol::lol:

But I’d get it for the all white case alone. That itself is very nice.

Don’t care too much about the color scheme though, but that can be easily replaced.

Collectability through ugliness - it’s so damn ugly, only the most hardcore collectors will want it (apart from those players who just, y’know, play)

Would it have killed Madcatz/Capcom to draw/commission some new art for this?

i’d of done something better than that for $50.

no joke.

I am having that same issue with the RT button raeli was having with my SE stick that I replaced all the buttons and stick with sanwa stuff is the only way to fix that problem to replace the pcb?

I dunno I am not too bothered by the art on this stick and at the very least I’m excited to see that they are at least making some effort to have a selection of sticks that people could choose from.

i personally like this one the most…

Would a Eurostick (ex-Happ) fit in the case if they made a
custom top for the MvC stick?

From what I’ve found…No.

yep. don’t expect madcatz to make it right either.