New Limited edition stick from MadCatz?


Check out Seth’s Blog:

(Didn’t see this posted yet)


read the comments and someone pointed out that a button in the second pic is labelled ‘R1’ so maybe a super-limited version of the TE for 360 and PS3? An MvC2 skinned version?


The dust washer with the qcf arrows looks like a nice touch!


I don’t think its a MvC2 stick given the color scheme, but I’m intrigued nonetheless. That dustcover looks lovely, and the yellow and orange OBSFs (I hope) look great.


Mango Sentinel Stick?:bgrin:


Happ! Happ! Happ!

I think the market is flooded with enough Sanwa component sticks currently.


aw crap you beat me to it :open_mouth: I just recently made a thread ehe ._.


Lolz… wouldn’t rule out the possibility…


This is probably one of the surprises SKILL was talking about for EVO.


While I think an MvC2 themed stick would be great, would anyone really want to use Sanwa parts for MvC2?

The colors would actually look like a Tekken themed stick.


I have no idea what that is. Looks neat though.


Lies! :razz:


a tekken stick made in conjunction with capcom and madcatz? dubious assumption at best. you’re right about sanwa/mcv2 though. dunno…


lol, the nose is growing, Pinocchio. :smiley:


iknorite? Only someone from MadCatz could possibly know :wtf:


May. 29, 2009, Mad Catz and Microsoft Corporation Sign Multi-Year License Agreement for Xbox 360™ Wireless Specialty Controllers


If they make a wireless TE stick with no lag I’ll be angry about buying my other TE’s. I think it’s a regular TE stick with limited edition art.




I wish it was a Happ stick with Sanwa buttons combo for MvC2. I know it’s not though. Even if it was it’s apparently “very limited” and I couldn’t get one unless I was at EVO.


what an F’ing tease.

maybe it’ll be wireless? that would be sickkkk.