New MadCatz fight stick, problems with corners. Help?


Since I’ve had my own SFIV SE fight stick for awhile now and it works wonderfully, I decided to buy another from MadCatz’s online store for my brother to use. After taking it out of the box and testing it out in a few matches, we find that there’s a definite problem with the stick.

I went into Training Mode to see what was going on. When playing a charge character and holding down-back, the character will either walk straight backwards or duck without blocking. Conversely, with normal circular moves, Hadoukens become normal punches or even Shoryukens.

I’m thinking that it may be because it’s not “broken in” yet, but my first SE stick didn’t have this problem. You know how the stick makes a clicking sound as you move it around? Sometimes, certain spots won’t. I’ll slide up and down the left side of the gate, hearing two clicks for “up” and “down”, but then go to the right side of the gate and only hear it for the “up” position and not “down”. It seems to be random when these areas decide not to work, since I’ll try the same thing again and it’s perfectly fine.

What should I do in this situation? Should I call up MadCatz and hope that I can send it back? Should I try to open it up, void my warranty, and find out that I need a whole new stick?

Has anyone else been experiencing problem with this “new” batch of MadCatz arcade sticks?


Wow so it’s not even hitting the microswitch. Haven’t heard of that one before. If it were mine I would just pop it open, but you should just call if you don’t want to void the warranty or fuss with it yourself.


Well, I don’t really want to wait for the whole process. What would you do to try and fix it?


here are the 3 options:

  1. Call madcatz, send in and out for replacement.
  2. Open that sucker up too what is wrong and fix it.
  3. Buy a JLF for 30 bucks or the TP_MA for 18 bucks and replace the broken one.


I called Mad Catz up and they’re going to send me a new joystick component with instructions on how to install it. Best of all, they say it won’t void my warranty either!