New Madcatz FightPad?


Hi, I’m actually considering re-purchasing a 360 just to get AE, but I play pad and I was wondering if Madcatz was about to re-release some new fight pads on the market ??

I’m talking about these :


Are these 360 only and if there are PS3 versions is there an analog one?


nope there are PS3 versions as well, but with numeric D-Pad only


I’m sure that they will release some new ones when AE drops. I could see Yang/Yun/Evil Ryu/Oni controllers in your future.


To be honest, an Evil Ryu Pad would be fucking tight.


I just got one, it stopped working after 8 hours or two days, basically R2 or downback charge to foreback up is broken on ONE side, so hence I can do my headstomp 100% of the time on one side and with the exact same execution (I looked at the command inputs to figure this out) I get a flying HK on the other side… so it’s useless to me now, this is a madcatz fightpad I had,

The only area is wins marks for me is in the fact my thumb was less likely to blister as it’s softer to touch
-makes no difference to cleanliness of inputs
-0 difference to speeding or ability to combo
-it has no bluetooth and requires batterys
-and it broke after 8 hours of usage.


Are you set on Madcatz, or are you open to other options? I’ve heard good things about the Hori fightpad, and the magic touch MCZ has with their fightsticks really doesn’t extend to pads.


I believe the Hori pads closest to the FightPad (the Fighting Commander and Fighting Commander Pro) are only for PS3.


I had an cheap cheap arcade stick before $20 one, I have it three weeks and while alot of things where easier I simply never gained any semblance of control about what I was doing.

I am thinking about buying a HORI V3 stick, just because if I ever want to be OK I need every advantage I can get but… it sounds like a 1-3 month long 30=40hr adaption excerise. Ultras and command grabs are suddenly peanuts but inadvertant jumping and… getting use to using my pinky to man a whole button felt awkward

It seems like you have to KNOW what you are going to do on a stick so you have to get your fingers ready whether its the lk lk ex scissors or the medium punch ex scissors, it was hard for me to predict and know what i wanted to do next, and going from lk to lp mk to mp I also found hard using just the one finger,

THAT SAID the other option is the Hori fighting commander controller it’s $60 lesss than the V3 too, the PAD looks similar to the PS3 one though which kind of confuses me and safe to say I dont understand why the BUTTONS on these pads are… set out to imitate a stick… Im still using my thumb bro your just kind of increasing the distance my thumb has to travel what’s with it?

The madcatz pad more or less burnt me, going back to the PS3 pad for a few games before I seriously wanted it back! Looser buttons easier feel on the dpad to tell when I have a charge and the diagonals where really good till they suddenly stopped responding. I guess I will probably try the Hori pad first, I doubt it will offer me much more than the madcatz though if any really, and If Im unhappy with that I GUESS it’s either the stick or stop playing.

Im on the PS3 luckily
@xbox people prefer wired to forking out for batterys by the way too!

Ive mained Bison for long time and recently trying to pick up Dan. I imagine distinguishing between shoryuken & hadoken will be utter hell on a stick, still get the odd mix up of the wrong move coming out on a pad.

I kept forgetting about the medium kicks as well on the stick some of Bison’s best stuff my guess is I may of had my hand setup wrong eg just using two fingers or whatever.

The medium punch hard kick feel awkward as you know middle finger extended ring finger bent right back, same with the end buttons, Which I changed to focus and throw, I dont trust my pinky in the slightest especially when its required to tap fast.

H8 ps3 pad, madcatz didnt do a whole lot for me either hope the fighting commander from hori saves me, feeling awfully pessimistic though. Order it on payday and it will probably be here in a week and a half so i report back


The EX2 pad is pretty close; it might not be what the OP is looking for, but I’d figure I would throw it out there as an option.