New Madcatz TE ps360+ Mod Prep/Execution Questions


I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on a ps360+ mod on an OG Round1 SFIV red-rimmed Madcatz TE stick & I’m sort of worried about room for mounting the following in here:

  1. Another 24mm button for “Home” button as I’m removing the turbo section as my CPO art/plexi design I submitted to tek-innovations is without a turbo section.
  2. Both an RJ45 Neutrik feedthrough & a USB Neutrik feedthrough.

This is my first time modding a TE stick, so I’m hoping some vets on here can help me get my head around where these extra components can fit inside this box. It’s also my first time working with a ps360+, so I’m all ears as to why I might not need to add a Home button or why I don’t really need a Neutrik USB feedthrough if I have a RJ45 Neutrik feedthrough.

Note: I’m missing the back cord tuck-away door on mine which I’m noting as I’ve seen users mount a Neutrik to the door.

Thanks in advance for your time/attention.


I would recommend using a small momentary push button rather than another 24mm for home/guide. And you only need the rj45 output, you can make out by rj45 to usb cables.


Right on. Do you have any suggestions\links for the small mountable push button?


Anything like this will work:

You can probably find one local at an electronics or auto store. Beware that most of the would require a soldered connection.


the ps360+ board has a home button function that can be activated by pressing the start and select at the same time. you don’t necessarily need a dedicated home button.


That’s the route I took in a TE I have, works fine.


Totally forgot that was a thing on the ps360+ That saves me from needing an extra button. Thanks!

Now where exactly did you gents mount the Neutrik RJ45 feedthrough inside the case of the TE?


See my thread where I revitalized them in bulk. I think you’ll find the tactile switch for home interesting. And you’ll love the TE case even though you’ll deal with a lot of screws. There’s just so many places you can mount stuff. :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s super helpful & a lot of work. Thanks! I bet by the end of it you felt like it was automatic. I remember when I did x10 NGPC front light mods, by the end of it those resistors were soldering themselves. :wink: