New MadCatz TE S+ (Xbox 360) Available


Anyone have any real pics of this thing? All of the overall shots look like renders. Curious to see the red plastic in real life.

Edit: found one:



Thanks! Hmm, might look sweet/old school with white buttons.


hmmn are those like the KI TE2 buttons? I wonder are they LED enabled


Hopefully they’re still TE Kitty compatible.

Not sure when those Brawlsticks came out but they were famously not TE Kitty compatible. If those were the very latest before this new TE S+, odds aren’t looking too good.


Maybe the + is the fact that Madcatz sells the leds separately for the TE2, and has spots for the ribbon cable to insert on the PCB and a spot to put the LED PCB. That’d be dope. Does anyone have this that could confirm?


any idea if this works on PC as well? I know the TE2 for 360 doesn’t work on PC, shit drops mad inputs but works fine on 360


This isn’t the first TE S+


ok so maybe + is with padding at the bottom.


I will have mine on Thursday and can post impressions. Doubt this is anything other than a reskin, so I’m not holding out any hope for LED board compatibility.