New MadCatz Violet Bezel: More Purple Than The Sanwa Violet Pushbuttons?


Hey guys!

Just wondering if anyone happens to know if the new violet bezel available from Madcatz is more of a darker purple than the Sanwa push buttons, or if it is an exact match to the Sanwa push buttons. I only ask because before I drop the 15-20 bucks on one I’d like to know what I’m getting into. I currently have my bezel painted Dark Purple, but wouldn’t mind picking up one of these new bezels if it is of a darker purple than the Sanwa push buttons. Thanks!

P.S. The only reason I ask is because when I ordered my Sanwa’s they looked very purple in the pictures, but then when they arrived they were more borderline pink/maroon. I guess purples sometimes look different in pictures?


All I know for sure is that the violet does NOT match the FF stick… someone had posted that in the Madcatz thread the other day.


Thanks for the reply! Hopefully someone will post pictures and details on it later. I’d really love to see it :slight_smile:


There’s a pretty good chance it’s probably a bit different. I bought a dark blue dust washer/shaft cover and the shade is slightly different than my dark blue Sanwa buttons.


Yeah, I’m really hoping that the Bezel is more purple than the Sanwa violet buttons. I actually thought I received the wrong buttons when I received them because they looked so Pink to me lol.


And I had though I recieved the wrong color balltop because it wasn’t the color that Madcatz was advertising on their parts… but it was Madcatz in the wrong, not the balltop :x

I think that whatever the picture on Madcatz’s site looks like, that’s what it will look like.


Their (Mad Catz’s) plastic products will NEVER match the Sanwa parts because they’re formulated differently hence different shades of plastic.

The only way you’ll get (exact) matching plastic colors is if Sanwa did the bezels and dust covers themselves (in their own factory)!

To me, the biggest standout on “they labelled this color incorrectly {on the Mad Catz GameShark website}” were Mad Catz’s choices for red parts. I felt that the red and vermillion parts were switched around from what they should have been! Vermillion is an orange-red, NOT a darker/cherry red shade… (Vermillion’s also one of my least favorite Sanwa colors, too… It’s such a wimpy red I’d rather have pink pushbuttons! :rofl: )

(… And I DO have pink pushbuttons on 3 of my fighting sticks!)

Oddly enough, I didn’t think the purple bezel on the Limited Edition Femme Fatal TE stick was that much darker than the Sanwa pushbuttons on that stick…

Still, for some of us having plastic replacement parts is better than spray-painting the original bezels and dustcovers a different color. (Bezels really aren’t big a deal to spraypaint… Dustcovers on the other hand…!) Some people are in the market for swapping colors once in a while the same way many of us change our screen savers every other day.


If thats the case with Madcatz than great. I’d be happy with the color in the Picture, but when I used to that decide for my Sanwa buttons on Lizard Lick I was extremely disappointed. The Bezel on the Femme Fatal Stick looks a lot like the buttons so I was concerned that it would be the same bezel. But as said earlier, it isn’t. I guess I’ll just buy it and if it is the wrong color then I’ll still have my painted bezel. Heh.