New Mag Video!

Now that I have your attention. It’s a mag beginner tutorial. I made it for a friend but I think a lot of people might find it handy. Enjoy!
It’s not incredibly detailed but I think it shows some of the fundamental things people should know with Magneto (without assists). So don’t expect to be blown away, think of it as a small tutorial (8 min is small in comparison to 82 min lol)


Thanks man.I been trying to work on my mags.

Wow, this is really helpful :slight_smile: Thanks!

nice vid for people learning mag, over all i give it a 9/10.

you forgot to put in guardbreaks with mag lol =)

p.s. Whats the song/songs used in it?


perfect video for ex-magneto users like me.
thx to this vid I might pick up mag again, I never thought all of that stuff was that easy.

oh shit… “downloading video!”

  • oh good sh*t!! even though my mag is already at an intermediate level, i can say that this tutorial helped a lot.

Nice man…

My Mags is beyond shitty, so this will help… someday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man… my mag is under the easy level… :sweat:

But, one thing i want to comment is, normal x2, land, dash in,, cr.hp is still combo-able, not necessary need to getting close enough or cross-up… right??

Who knew it would go up on CV. Its such a random video.

Great Video!!
At minute 7.18, Magnetro performs a infinite on sentinel witch I think its Amazing… Is there any tips to this?? I tried to do but I cant.

As I seen It’s done this way - launcher, lp, down+lk, mp, wait, down + lk, down +lk, mp, mk lands, launcher repeat… I cant conect the second down + lk…

Anyway Its a Great Video.

ehh, nothing i didnt show you. good for people that just picked up the game in 07

edit: this is no way shape or form putting magnetro down. its a good video overall


too bad it has a lot of stuff you still can’t do :rofl::rofl::rofl:

:rofl: you already know what i would really say so im not gonna say it so i wont get in trouble

Good video I like the stand hp infinite, that’s hot but so showy, not very practical. I’ve found that when you are trying to do it right after you hit hp make sure the stick is in neutral then sj. If you hold down or anything like that it won’t work.

BTW the music is from overclocked remix. I can’t remember what game I have too many.

I thought my magneto was tolerable before I saw that vid, but if that counts as easy mag, I’m screwed!

Thanks for the vid, its help me step up my game.

What’s the f00cking song? :slight_smile: