New magneto combos or original

THis thread is for making up cool original combos for mags and see what kind of cool combos are new nowadays. That includes mixups or resets.

Here is mine.


get opponent to corner. Launch. magic series. hk grab. it should off the ground like a regular five fierce . BUt you can use one hk. land. then grab to reset combo or whatever. Additionally, this combo looks kinda cool. they will be like, what the crap just happened?

double hk? never heard of it though. cool.

i think this is already been made, but i have never seen any vids like this before.
at corner waiting for incoming character. ( grab) or do a barrage of trijump lk(whiff) while waiting for the character then do hk grab.

you can’t do that combo… you do the one hk and it flips them around… the combo resets…

after magenetro’s video… there are no more new combos.

havent played in a while but i think it wa the HP grab. but u have to wait a while or keep them low to the ground. Ill go to training mode tonight.

ChrisX? MagX?

That mess sounds awesome I’ll dink with it to.

yeah, its hk which ofcourse resets then but grab late. Hp, HK…or crossup