New Main?

Hey. I’m learning how to use the TE Stick atm, and wanna learn a new character at the same time. At the moment, my main is Bison, and I somewhat used Ken as a secondary. I’m just looking for someone fun, maybe a rushdown. Don’t care for tier lists since I’m mostly online anyway.

Asking us to pick someone fun for you isn’t going to get you many productive answers. I don’t know what you find fun. Any advice you get from anyone is just going to be a wild shot in the dark.

Or you can ignore that and play Cammy. Cammy is fun.

Try everyone at least a few games to get an overall feel for how they play. That’ll give you an idea of which characters interest you, which ones you think are going to give you the most wins, which characters you hate, and which characters you love to play. Then from there kind of narrow down your character list until you find the one that you want to play the most.