New Makoto Strategy Guide

Hey everyone,

I’ve almost completed a Makoto strategy guide that includes video tutorials and some of the more common tactics and combos for her.

For you expert players, I don’t think this is going to be anything ground-breaking, as it’s just mostly to help out players of less-than-expert skill.

Regardless, I’d appreciate if you checked it out and offered any input. Feel free to add it to this thread, or as a comment on my Web site.

I’m going to be adding two more videos in the near future for her, and then I’ll be moving on to another character.

There’s also a ton of other SF3 3s stuff on my site in case you haven’t seen it before.

Anyway, let me know if there’s anything I need to add or change.

as far as i know hayate into sa1 is a link >.>

and i think sa2 dash fukiage sjc fierce is a good one to add to your combo list as it stuns akuma remy and most people with a bit of stun on there meter already

otherwise good stuff =)

you might want to note that the j hk finisher for her sa2 combo is mainly to set them up for for a dash behind mixup (all wakeup options apply)

oroshi -> sa1 does pretty craptastic damage, actually. it’s a 1 frame super, I’d rather try to link it after her UOH. but that’s just me

for hp -> hayate combos, it’s pretty easy to charge it up to level 1, doing 1 more point of damage, and 2 more points of stun. it’s mostly really good for the 2 extra stun. might also set them up for hayate cancel -> dash up -> throw/kusa later

something tinshi taught me but I never really do is to use karakusa -> hp -> level 1 hayate -> sa1 if you know it’s gonna stun or kill them

she also has a plethora of mixup options after a corner ex-hayate reset. you should add some of those in there

ex-fukiage can duck under and crossup reseted characters. sick as hell

you might also wanna make a note about the piano method for linking sa1 after hayate or c mk

also, you forgot about hit confirm c lp lp -> sa1 =O it’s like…the best sa1 combo ever. hit confirmable after a 4 frame attack. you can dash in with that. scary as hell

great guide overall. keep up the good work =3

For the 100% stun combo you might want to mention that you kara standing RH and since it’s a beginner’s guide possibly even that you have to do the dragon punches in the “reverse” direction.

Thanks for the tips everyone. I’ll start working these into the guide.

Very much appreciated.

I was wondering about this. I’ve heard cancel, what does everyone else think, cancel or link? I’ll go with the majority here.

This is already in here, just it ends with a Hard Kick instead of a super jump with Hard Punch.

Thanks for the notes though.

lol it’s a one frame link. OH if only this was a cancel : / Yun and Yang couldn’t get hit with a hayate without losing half their bar.

You may want to make sure people know use the FP version of the fukiage on the Karakusa>>FPxxSAIIxxdash >> reverse FP-Fukiagexxsj(hard kick or jumping fierce punch) as the FP fukiage deals more dmg and doesn’t require much timing. You CAN use the MP but i don’t know why you ever would.
That’s the 90% stun combo

95% stun combo is

Karkusa>>FPxxSAIIxxsjMK Tsurugi (timing is as early as possible)>> land reverse MP Fukiage (timing is late so that the fukiage hits deep)xxsjFP

useful and 100% stuns if started with a jumping attack rather than karakusa. So if you block something highly punishable you can get an easier ghetto 100% stun.

glanced over it

ex tsurugi hits 1-3 times depending on range/positioning

hayate combo into sa1 is a link (as said)

other sa 1 stuff left off or should be added/changed (some of already touched on by other posters)

–hit confirms–
cr jabx2 xx/-> sa1
cr strong xx sa1

s strong x/-> sa1 most people use link for hit confirm not the cancel

orochixxsa1- all strengths work although you have to cancel it quickly when comboing it off of fp before the opponent falls down

other hit confirms although kind of iffy… amount of push back can cause sa1 to whiff and/or break combo midway depending on many factors…

twds strong -> sa1
s rh -> sa1

also I saw no mention of her chains and no mention of her other bnb combo st strong-> st/cr shortx jab hayate

hayate -> sa1 becomes a 3 frame link if they’re crouching

st lp -> st lk xx hayate is also a nice hit confirmable bnb

ex tsurugi hits twice max, actually

Hey everyone, thanks again for all of your help. I’ve made many changes to the guide based on your comments.

I’ve added in credit to everyone at the bottom of the article. If you’d like me to link back to a specific Web site, your email address, or whatever, just let me know. I’ll be happy to hyperlink your name so you can get page rank or a little publicity.

just credit shoryuken =p because without it none of us would know as much as we do =)

otherwise my email address is original huh? ^^

if anyone has questions feel free to ask me =)

omg! you actually spelled my name right =O tears

you’re like…in the 0.5% of the population that doesn’t get dyslexia when they look at my name

You might want to mention how crouching Medium is a pretty good poke that combos into FP Hayate at all ranges and is easy to hitconfirm, good way to get in with Makoto

also, you forgot to mention how Makoto is so fucking boss and is the bes Street Fighter of them all

er … I find cr. MP to be more of a great punish tool as it can be parried both high and low as a poke. That’s the reason I don’t see most japanese makoto’s use it except after a parry or blocking a sweep kick.

i don’t know if you want to add post hayate mix-ups BUT a few good ones i’ve noticed are

lk -> Hayate/hayate cancel/ex oroshi
mk hit’s them out of the air if they are jumping and is good range for dash up grab/karakusa
hk pushes them back even if they block puts them out of harming you range
mp -> Hayate/hayate cancel/ ex oroshi/ tick~karakusa (test the range before you publish i don’t have the game next to me so…)
karakusa -> obviously whatever you damn well please
hayate -> hayate again for big combozzzzzz -> into sa1 -> hayate (note the hayate will whiff if you try this a 3rd time)
jump-> ex tsurugi

i don’t suggest much else aside from block or jump away depending on who your fighting

block against : ryu/ken/akuma/oro/dudley
they have fast uppercuts c.c: so be patient with them

jump back against : alex/hugo/chun/Q
you can usually add a mk which is a good idea on the grounds that most of these people will try to through you and that is no bueno

also note that you have to mix all of these up with makoto otherwise you will suffer
you might also notice that if you catch someone with a karakusa post hayate they will start to jump and you will start to love ex fukiage =)

if anyone can think of anything else please feel free to add it.

For Chun I also reccomend trying a forward parry after some hayate’s … as they like to do shit like cr. LP and cl.RH to piss me off : / that’s fast ass shit. Normally not to much of a problem but sometimes you get the parry and free dmg.

I saw boss doing st. MP after hayate’s sometimes, but he’s crazy. Been working with it and it doesn’t seem bad as it hit confirms so easily into SAI and all the other st. MP mixups though karakusa becomes pretty iffy as if they block it they get pushed out quite a bit.

Ok guys I got a super noobie question… I just started playing around with Makoto and I got her karakusa timing down, I can do all her post SA2 stuff np… its that fucking FP into SA2 that I can’t do. I know the opponite has to be on my side of the screen, but I still just can’t do it. I just can’t get the motion out fast enough. Everytime I smack them they recover before I can land the super. Is there any trick to this or do I just need to go and try again?

A lot of players have problems with that. I still do actually, but it used to be much worse. Tips I can give you are:
-Make your first QCF a HCF and press HP at the start
*I used to do this for a while
-Don’t try to do the motion fast at first, just try to do it clean
*related note: For practice replace HP with MP (easier to cancel) which will give you an indication whether your input is clean

Thanks for the input, I will try this today.

Yuns also have this problem trying to activate after 123.
To solve this problem, you can try to press forward, then the double circle, So, Dp motion -> qcf, I can’t remember who said this, I’ll try and get the name, It helps ALOT.